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Danya Perry Wikipedia, Age: Meet The Former American Attorney

Most people know Danya Perry as a white-collar criminal defense attorney. She is etreamly famous and has many people following her life on her socal media. Let’s explore the wikipedia of Danya Perry.

Danya Perry is an American attorney who was born in the year 1971 on July 8th.

Not only that, she’s also the co-founder of a group called Perry Guha LLP.

Dania had the opportunity to become the New York State Deputy Attorney General.

She was selected by the Governor and Attorney General.

Her incredible career and impressive work as a lawyer have made her a topic that’s trending in various parts of the USA.

People are curious to know more about the Wikipedia of Danya Perry.

Danya Perry Wikipedia: A Journey from a Prestigious Family to Accomplished Attorney

Danya comes from a family full of highly educated people.

Her father, Dr. T. Anthony Perry, used to be a professor of comparative literature at the University of Connecticut.

Danya is very active on her career as a lawyer. (Source: Instagram)

Her mother, Sydney A. Perry, has her own list of accomplishments.

She was the acting Executive Director and the Director of Jewish Education at the New Haven Jewish Federation.

Danya is currently 51 years old and is extremely successful in her career.

Coming from such a high-achieving family must have inspired Danya to go on her own journey of success.

She went to Yale Law School and then Harvard University for her higher education to become a successful attorney.

Her journey as a lawyer began as a Deputy Chief in the Criminal Division at the United States Attorney’s Office.

After a while of working at the Attorney’s Office, she decided to work as an Adjunct Professor at New York University Law School for a year.

Her amazing skills and work ethic led her to get many promotions, and after a while, she was a popular lawyer.

Danya Perry Wikipedia
As a famous attorney, Danya is always around big names. (Source: Twitter)

Her success led her to become extremely famous among many groups.

After working for other firms for a long time as an attorney, she decided to found her own law firm called Perry Guha LLP in October 2019.

According to many Wikipedia articles, Danya Perry has a huge net worth of around $1.4 million as of 2023.

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Unveiling the Personal Chapter: Danya Perry’s Journey from Marriage to Motherhood and Career Triumphs

Talking about her personal life, reports suggest that Danya Perry was married to a man named Mark Steven Hootnik.

The couple made it official in the year 2004, but somehow the relationship did not work, and they decided to get a divorce.

The reasons for the divorce are unknown, and both parties have not said anything about it.

Danya Perry
The Wikipedia of Danya Perry is yet to be filled with many more accomplishments. (Source: Twitter)

Even though the marriage might not have worked, Danya got three beautiful children from it.

Her daughter’s name is Adin Hootnick, and her sons are Asher and Janah Hootnick.

People around her praise her for her awesome parenting style and her bond with her children.

Danya may appear as a tough cookie in front of her clients, but she also likes to have fun when she’s not working.

Her Instagram profile mostly consists of fun pictures with her friends and family.

However, her love for her children is very visible on her social media handles.

Danya is like the stereotypical proud mother who likes to share each and every accomplishment of her children with the world.

Moreover, the Wikipedia of Danya Perry is very impressive and inspiring, especially for single mothers who are also high-achieving career women.

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