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Daphne Selfe Wikipedia, Age And Biography Of Oldest Model

As the timeless muse of the fashion world, Daphne Selfe continues to age gracefully, leaving the world in awe. She is an icon for many who wish to learn more about the journey of Daphne Selfe through Wikipedia.

Daphne Selfe is the epitome of ageless beauty and elegance as she holds the title of the world’s oldest supermodel.

Her journey into the world of fashion began at the young age of 20. Daphne Selfe won a local magazine cover girl competition.

This unexpected victory marked the beginning of a career that would span over seven decades.

To this date, Daphne Selfe continues to defy the age stereotypes with her charm and elegance.

Admirers from around the world are trying to find her fitness secret through the Daphne Selfe Wikipedia.

Thus, this article explores the Wikipedia of Daphne Selfe and the routine for her healthy lifestyle.

Daphne Selfe Wikipedia, Age, And Biography Of Oldest Model

Given her background in the fashion world, netizens are trying to find the Wikipedia of Daphne Selfe.

However, they might be disappointed to know Daphne Selfe doesn’t have a Wikipedia.

Nevertheless, this article discusses the details of her personal life for her fans to indulge in.

Daphne Selfe was born on July 1, 1928, in North London. As of 2023, she is 95 years old.

Daphne sharing her favorite image from The Economist on her Ig
Daphne Selfe aspired to be a horsewoman and even worked in a riding school for several years. (Source: Instagram)

Her father was a schoolteacher and a classical scholar, while her mother was a singer and a pianist.

Talking about her personal life, Daphne Selfe was married to Jim Smith, a TV floor manager, for 43 years.

They had a long, happy marriage until Jim Smith’s untimely demise in 1997. Together, they had three children, Mark, Claire, and Rose.

Daphne Selfe’s career in the fashion industry is as remarkable as it is unique.

After appearing on the cover of The Reading Review, Daphne Selfe worked as an extra model for a store in Reading.

Daphne Selfe sharing a picture of her and Jim after the wedding
Daphne Selfe took a three-week course with Gaby Young IN London. (Source: Instagram)

Her first job was as a house model at wholesale dress manufacturers Landau and Diamond before moving to fur shop L. Woolf.

Interestingly, Daphne Selfe was not discovered by the world of high fashion until she was 70.

The exposure came when she was selected to walk in a show for Red or Dead.

This led to a feature in Vogue on older women, and she was subsequently signed by the prestigious agency Models 1.

At 88, Daphne Selfe was recognized as the world’s oldest working supermodel.

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Debunking The Death Hoax Of Daphne Selfe

Rumors about the death of public figures like Daphne Selfe are unfortunately quite common.

Daphne Selfe, being 95 years old, is naturally a subject of such rumors due to her advanced age.

People often associate old age with frailty and illness, which can lead to assumptions and speculations.

Daphne at the 100 Women art exhibition with Iskra
Daphne Selfe received the British Empire Medal in 2019. (Source: Instagram)

Another reason for these rumors could be the spread of misinformation on social media.

A single post or tweet can quickly go viral, leading to widespread belief in the rumor.

This is especially true if the rumor involves a well-known personality like Daphne Selfe.

Nevertheless, Daphne Selfe is alive and well inspiring many to lead a healthy life.

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What Is The Secret Behind Daphne Selfe’s Fitness?

Daphne Selfe’s secret to staying healthy and youthful is refreshingly simple and holistic.

She attributes her good health to a balanced lifestyle, which includes a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a positive outlook.

When it comes to her diet, Daphne Selfe admits that she didn’t necessarily follow a strict diet.

Being the oldest supermodel, many people search for Daphne Selfe on Wikipedia
Daphne Selfe signed a deal with Eyeko in 2018 to promote their Bespoke Mascara. (Source: Instagram)

Growing up during war times naturally made her ration food. She never had to worry about her weight, but she fortunately enjoyed eating healthy.

In addition to a healthy diet, Daphne Selfe also maintains a regular exercise routine.

She does her own version of yoga every morning, a cross between yoga and ballet. This keeps her flexible and helps maintain her vitality.

Another important aspect of her health regimen is her skincare routine.

Daphne sharing a picture from her shoot with Jasper James
Daphne Selfe has modeled for Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Red or Dead, and TK Maxx. (Source: Instagram)

She uses rosewater to tone her skin and then applies a moisturizer and believes that your skin reflects what you eat and drink.

Lastly, Daphne Selfe enjoys the occasional glass of champagne, especially during birthdays.

This shows that she believes in balance and enjoying life’s pleasures in moderation.

In conclusion, her approach to health and wellness is a testament to her enduring energy and timeless beauty.

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