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Dateline: Tera Smith Missing- Was She Found? Parents And Family

Tera Smith missing case has again pulled the interest of many people. Tera Smith, the mysteriously vanished California homecoming queen, is featured on Dateline.

According to her relatives, Tera Smith enjoyed life and lived it to the fullest. Tera had a wide range of interests and passions. She adored equines.

Tera’s mother, Marilyn, told Dateline that her daughter “liked outdoors and basketball.” She was the homecoming queen and the arm wrestling champion in her first year of high school.

Even at the young age of 16, Tera’s tremendous interest in many things was apparent. She cherished poetry. Marilyn said that she had a strong spiritual side.

Tera’s Father, Terry, noted, “She was also a prolific writer. The journals she kept are in volumes and volumes with us. Be with us to learn more about Tera Smith missing case.

Dateline: Tera Smith Missing- Was She Found?

Talking about Tera Smith missing case, due to N.B.C.’s Dateline and an intriguing link to the current Sherri Papini incident, the 1998 disappearance of a California homecoming queen is receiving renewed national attention.

Tera Smith, then 16 years old, was last seen leaving her House on Tarcy Way in Redding with her family. On August 22, 1998, between 5 and 7 pm, she left dressed for a jog on Old Oregon Trail.

The Smiths’ family entertainment center, the Oasis Fun Center, needed Tera back by seven o’clock for her shift. Her parents first assumed she might be at a friend’s House when she didn’t arrive.

Tera Smith missing
The family is still waiting for justice in the 1998 missing case of Tera. (Source: N.B.C. News)

But at nine o’clock that night, they were pretty concerned and reported her missing to the police. The unraveling of the tale enthralled Redding’s gossip for years.

Police claim that Tera’s martial arts instructor, Troy Zink, a convicted rapist, was the last person to see her.

Tera, 29, acknowledged to Zink, 29, that she had contacted him the night she vanished, and the two met up near her House at about 6:30 pm. But Tera never showed up again.

Tera Smith’s Parents And Family

Marilyn Smith and Terry Smith are the parents of the missing girl Tera Smith.

Tera Lynn Smith, who has an angelic face, still terrorizes the inhabitants of North State. The former homecoming queen of Central Valley High School vanished nearly 24 years ago.

Smith, who was 16 when she disappeared on August 22, 1998, may be dead, but her memory lives on. Nevertheless, with each year that goes by, my recollection of her gets a little bit weaker.

Tera Smith missing
Father and Mother of Tera Smith. (Source: Record Searchlight)

Tera Smith’s Father, Terry, stated in 2008 that no official memorial services were held in her honor. He was 48 years old and Shasta Lake’s Oasis Fun Center proprietor.

According to him, the family will privately commemorate her. Smith stated the agony of his lovely daughter’s absence is still with him even though he realized she was dead long ago. But with time, it has grown drab.

Tera Smith Sister Kyra Smith

Kyra and her other siblings did not try to find their sister. She told Dateline, “I genuinely think my parents attempted to protect us from that.

Kyra left Redding as an adult, got married, and is now a mother of her kids.

Kyra added, “I still — I still very much try to focus on her life and all the wonderful. I’m older, and I’m more conscious of things. “Because I don’t want to concentrate on the unpleasant details of her disappearance,” she replied.

Tera Smith missing
Tera Smith with her sister Kyra Smith. (Source: N.B.C. News)

Kyra then decided to concentrate on the positive. She contacted Tera’s family members and assembled a binder with tributes to her sister.

Terry recalled his daughter and stated, “We have a full three-ring binder of these stories that we wouldn’t have – that we wouldn’t even be aware of, had she not gone away.” And they present a picture of a 16-year-old girl who is mature, intelligent, and kind beyond her years.

Even if Tera’s life, not her absence, is the primary concern, Kyra continued, “We still want justice.” “We don’t want someone capable of doing this to be going about their daily life.”

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