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Daudkandi Viral Video Scandal: Stripped And Assaulted Case Update

Get updates on the Daudkandi viral video scandal as a couple were stripped and assaulted in a room in Daudkandi Upazila of Cumilla.

More than a year after a shocking video of a couple being stripped and assaulted in Daudkandi went viral on social media, the police are still struggling to identify and arrest the perpetrators.

The incident, which took place in March 2020, came to light in December 2021 when the video was widely circulated on Facebook.

The police launched an investigation and learned that the victims were a husband and wife who were renting a room in the Gouripur area.

They were allegedly detained and tortured by some people who suspected them of being lovers and demanded money from them.

The video showed a man in a red T-shirt trying to protect the woman from the attackers, who then stripped and assaulted both of them.

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Daudkandi Viral Video: A Crime Against Humanity

A recently circulated video has ignited a storm of criticism and indignation from a broad spectrum of society.

Human rights advocates, civil society representatives, and influential political figures have collectively voiced their alarm, urging immediate action against the culprits while championing justice for those adversely affected.

This incident has once again underscored the paramount importance of safeguarding the rights and dignity of women and couples within the societal framework.

A year after a couple’s assault video in Daudkandi, police still seek the unidentified perpetrators. (Image Source: BD News 24)

Amid this backdrop, there’s an intensifying chorus calling for a concerted effort to enhance public awareness and cultivate a more informed and empathetic societal mindset.

In parallel, experts and commentators have highlighted a pressing need for more stringent regulations governing the realm of social media.

They contend that fortified measures are not only pivotal to thwart potential misuse of these platforms but also crucial in ensuring robust safeguards for individual privacy rights.

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As discussions unfold, the consensus grows clearer: addressing these intricate challenges necessitates a holistic strategy.

This approach would seamlessly blend proactive awareness campaigns with the formulation and implementation of judicious legal frameworks.

Such a comprehensive strategy is deemed indispensable to both mitigate the immediate fallout of such incidents and fortify societal resilience against potential future transgressions.

Daudkandi Couple Assault Case Update: A Slow Progress

In the wake of the disturbing incident, a wave of public outrage has swept across the community, amplified by the police department’s pledge to prioritize the case.

However, the journey towards justice has been marred by a series of challenges. Central to the stagnation is the elusive nature of the victims, believed to have relocated abroad.

The male victim’s reticence to discuss the ordeal further complicates matters, while the female victim remains an enigma, her whereabouts a troubling mystery.

Daudkandi Case
Despite public outcry and police promises, progress on the case remains slow and disappointing. (Image Source: Anadolu Ajansi)

Compounding the investigation’s difficulties is the apparent absence of progress in identifying or apprehending the alleged perpetrators, suspected to be local residents.

Although authorities have offered assurances of nearing a breakthrough, specifics and a definitive timeline remain conspicuously absent.

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The investigative process has also been hindered by what police describe as a “lack of cooperation” from both victims and potential witnesses.

As the community’s patience wears thin, there’s a palpable sense of urgency for tangible developments and a resolution to the unsettling case.


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