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Dave Kroupa Wikipedia, Age: Where Is Omaha NE Resident Now?

With the recent release of the Netflix crime documentary Lover, Stalker, Killer, the Wikipedia of Dave Kroupa has gained worldwide attention, increasing its search online.

Dave Kroupa is a skilled auto mechanic from Omaha, Nebraska, who got involved in a horrifying crime.

He initially gained prominence after the death of his girlfriend in 2012 due to a love triangle.

Dave’s involvement in the case started after he entered an online dating platform.

Dave, who recently shifted to Omaha, encountered two women named Cari Farver and Liz Golyar.

What initially seemed like a promising start for his new life eventually led him into a horrifying case that shocked the whole nation.

Meanwhile, all the incident details are portrayed in the 2024 Netflix documentary Lover, Stalker, Killer.

Moreover, as the viewership of the documentary continues to increase, viewers are curious about every character involved in the crime.

As a result, people globally are searching for the Wikipedia of Dave Kroupa for further details.

Dave Kroupa Wikipedia: Age And Biography

Despite the ongoing discussion regarding the murder case involving the girlfriends of Dave Kroupa, he doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

So, after a brief research, we finally came up with some information about Dave that is relevant to a Wikipedia article.

Dave Kroupa was born on January 23, 1981, and is 43.

Although his family details are not widely discussed, it is known that he is an Independent Business Owner.

Meanwhile, around 2012, he decided to change his life and moved to Omaha, Nebraska.

Dave Kroup and Liz captured together.
Dave Kroupa currently lives a low-key life. (Source: Twitter)

He assumed the manager position at an auto repair shop in his community.

After undergoing a recent split from a long-term relationship, Dave wanted to live his life on his terms.

That change began a crime that shocked everyone in the community.

With a willingness for a better life, Dave entered the world of online dating, which introduced him to a single mother, Liz Golyar.

Meanwhile, Dave’s life eventually took a complex turn upon his encounter with Cari Farver, leading to unexpected and tragic events.

Further, as he continued exploring his relationship with both women, Dave decided to leave Liz behind and start a new life with Cari.

But this decision later ended in the unfortunate death of Cari, led by jealousy and hate.

Moreover, this incident further sparked numerous discussions about the complexities of modern relationships.

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Where Is Dave Kroupa? Omaha NE Resident Now!

Following the unforeseen incident, Dave Kroupa has decided to live a normal life away from the spotlight.

Since then, he has continued to live as a ghost and is trying to embrace the new journey of life.

This decision showcases his desire for privacy and a commitment to personal growth.

Dave Kroupa captured in balck t-shirt.
Dave’s ex-girlfriend killed his girlfriend Cari. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, Dave currently resides in the Omaha Metropolitan Area as an Independent Business Owner.

Although his decision to relocate to Omaha for a better life resulted in unfortunate events, he is trying to get past those memories.

Despite the experience, Dave’s determination to move forward, work hard, and hope for a better future has led him to a new trajectory.

Further, his never-giving-up attitude is a testament to his strength and an inspiration for those stuck with challenges.

Nevertheless, the horrifying incident will surely continue to remain alongside him for the rest of his life.

Moreover, as Dave embarks on his new life journey, we wish him the best for what he tries to achieve.

Meanwhile, a Wikipedia page for Dave Kroupa doesn’t seem viable just because of his involvement in a murder case.

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