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Dave Moore Wife Elissa Slotkin: Relationship Details And Net Worth

Dave Moore is a retired American army colonel, Apache helicopter pilot, and now a counter-terrorism planner.

The former military man is most commonly known due to his wife, Elissa Slotkin, a former CIA analyst and politician.

The couple met through work commitments in Baghdad when both were part of a U.S. team commissioned to negotiate with the Iraqis. Slotkin was on her third tour in Iraq as a CIA analyst when she met her husband, Dave.

The retired colonel has greatly supported his wife’s political aspirations. He is often spotted walking alongside the politician on her campaigns.

Dave Moore Wife Elissa Slotkin Relationship Details

Dave Moore and his wife Elissa Slotkin married on September 25, 2016, in an intimate ceremony on her family farm in Michigan.

There is a 10-year age gap between Dave and his wife, Elissa.

Dave Moore Wife
Dave Moore with his wife Elissa and their two dogs. Source: Detroit Free Press

The couple enjoys a blissful companionship and marriage because they share similar ideals and values, i.e., serving the country. Slotkin said, ” My entire professional experience and Dave’s entire professional experience is working for our country, not a party.”

The ex-CIA analyst highly appreciates her husband’s unwavering support and considers Dave an integral part of her campaigns.

Dave Moore Wife
Ex-pilot Dave Moore with his wife Elissa Slotkin and two daughters at a family gathering. Source: Facebook

The former pilot has two daughters from his previous marriage. However, Elissa has quickly warmed up to the role of a stepmother to the kids.

Dave’s entire family is dedicated to the country’s service. As Slotkin mentioned to Free Press, “Our family lives military and veterans issues in a way few others do.” One of the politician’s stepdaughters is an army officer; the other is a U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) physician.

The couple enjoys morning walks with their two dogs, Dakota and Dixie. They also go fishing and watch basketball matches together.

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Dave Moore Wife Elissa Slotkin: Know More About The Michigan State Representative

The retired American army colonel was born in New York on June 10, 1976, to Jewish parents Curt Slotkin and Judith Spitz. Slotkin’s mother died as a result of ovarian cancer.

The democrat also has a brother named Keith Slotkin, a scientist in St. Louis. Her family has a farm in Holly, Michigan, and are the owners of the Hygrade Meat company, founded by her grandfather, Hugo Slotkin.

The 46-year-old earned a degree in sociology from Cornell University in 1998. She then received her graduate degree in International Affairs from Columbia University and joined the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 2003 as a political analyst.

Elissa Slotkin

Michigan Rep. Elissa Slotkin speaking at a press conference. Source: The Jewish NewsMichigan Rep. Slotkin has worked under the Department of Defense’s George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Until 2017, the politician was the acting secretary of defense for International Security Affairs.

The former CIA analyst began her political career in 2017 after announcing that she would run for Michigan’s 8th congressional district. She defeated incumbent Mike Bishop and Christopher Smith, becoming the first Democrat U.S. representative from Michigan’s 8th congressional district since 2001.

In 2020, the politician again won and was reelected with a 50.9% vote over Republican candidate Paul Junge. 

Currently, in the general election in November, Rep. Slotkin is fighting to be a U.S. Representative for the 7th congressional state of Michigan against Tom Barrett. If predictions are to be believed, Slotkin leads the polls by 18 points.

Dave Moore Net Worth: How Much Is He Worth?

The retired military colonel’s net worth is around $500,000 – $1,000,000.

As a politician and member of the government, the husband and wife duo lead a humble life at Slotkin’s ancestral family farm in Holly, Michigan.

According to Federal Pay, a USA colonel receives $7,332 – $12,979 as monthly base pay and $87,984 – $155,754 as yearly base pay. In addition, Dave also receives monthly military pensions as a veteran.

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