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David Beckham New Wife: Accusations And Affair With Rebecca Loos

David Beckham New Wife has been trending all over the internet. In a new Netflix docuseries, David and Victoria Beckham discussed David’s alleged adultery.

David was charged with having extramarital affairs with many women, including Rebecca Loos, his personal assistant. Here is a timeline of the scandal and the couple’s subsequent comments.

2003 David Beckham was spotted in a Madrid nightclub with a brunette. Alfredo Di Stefano gives David Beckham his new jersey and number.

When David Beckham relocated to Madrid in the summer of 2003 to play for the soccer team Real Madrid, the affair controversy had its start.

A few months after the transfer, in September, Beckham was reportedly seen out on the town in Madrid with an unidentified brunette.

His personal assistant in Madrid, Rebecca Loos, was eventually revealed to be the individual. Be with us till the end to learn about the rumors going on regarding David Beckham new wife.

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David Beckham New Wife: Accusations And Affair With Rebecca Loos

Former soccer great David Beckham and his wife Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham have been the center of intense tabloid attention since they started dating in 1997. David Beckham New Wife is trending on internet.

And at no point in their relationship was the scrutiny more intense or potentially devastating than during the footballer’s turbulent four-year stint with Real Madrid that started in 2003.

The now-defunct tabloid News of the World published a report in April 2004 alleging Beckham was having an affair with Loos. 

David Beckham New Wife
David Beckham new wife rumors are trending on the internet. (Source: Bazaar)

Then-26-year-old PA gave her side of the tale to the media one month later and gave a frank interview to Sky News. In a statement that was then published in The Guardian, Beckham refuted the accusations. 

The pair, particularly Victoria, kept quiet about the controversy and appeared to be leading normal lives.

After 20 years, David Beckham’s new, four-part docuseries has been released, effectively ending the Beckhams’ silence. 

The singer and fashion designer spoke candidly about her husband’s alleged affair in the Netflix special, calling it “the hardest period” of her life. 

Accusations And Affair With Rebecca Loos

Following David’s move to Spain in 2003, Rebecca Loos, a Dutch citizen born in Spain, worked as the Beckham family’s assistant. Beckham’s junior by two years, she was 26 at the time.

She is the second cousin of controversial British TV personality Piers Morgan, according to Grazia.

Loos came forward with allegations that she and Beckham had an affair in 2004 following her termination from her position as his assistant. 

According to the Evening Standard, she admitted to News of the World that they had sex at least four times and that they had been exchanging sexual phone calls and messages “as recently as a fortnight” before to the report’s publication.

Loos gives a candid interview to Sky News’s Kay Burley in late April. During the conversation, she claimed they slept together for the first time in September 2003.

David Beckham Affair
Loos claims she is sorry for how she handled her alleged liaison. (Source: Insider)

In a statement that was published in The Guardian, Beckham denied these accusations, saying, “Over the past few months, I have grown accustomed to reading more and more absurd stories about my private life. 

What surfaced this morning is only one more illustration. The plain fact is that I am happily married, have a wonderful wife, and have two incredibly exceptional children. Nobody else can change this; it cannot be done.

Since then, Beckham has not directly addressed the accusations.

After the media frenzy, Loos started working as a glamour model and made appearances on reality TV programs like Celebrity Love Island, Temptation Island, Extreme Celebrity Detox, and The X Factor: Battle of the Stars.

She is no longer in the spotlight. According to Mail Online, Loos is a yoga instructor in Norway as of 2023 and has a “domestic lifestyle.” 

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