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David Gregory Illness And Health 2023: Where Is He Now?

Stay updated on the latest information about David Gregory illness. Find out details about his current job. 

David Michael Gregory is an American journalist and television host. He is known for his work as the moderator of NBC’s “Meet the Press” from 2008 to 2014.

Gregory has also served as a White House correspondent and has covered numerous political events and news stories throughout his career.

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David Gregory Illness And Health 2023

David Gregory, the journalist, is not currently sick and is in good health. There were rumors about his departure from CNN due to illness, but those rumors have not been confirmed.

In an interview on “CBS This Morning,” Gregory stated that he doesn’t miss NBC and that it was the wrong environment for him.

David Gregory Illness
David Gregory is fit and living a healthy life with his family. (Image Source: New York Magazine)

His firing was described as publicly humiliating, and he left the network after a 20-year career. There is no evidence to suggest any illness or health issues for David Gregory.

He is active on social media, indicating his well-being. David Gregory is happily married to his wife, Beth Wilkinson, and they have three children named Max, Ava, and Jed. The family resides in the United States.

David Michael Gregory was born on August 24, 1970, in Los Angeles, California, to parents Don Gregory and Carolyn Fitzpatrick. Don Gregory was a film and show director, while Carolyn was a record administrator.

Where Is David Gregory Now?

After leaving NBC, David Gregory pursued various professional endeavors. He has continued his career as a journalist and political commentator.

Gregory has been a political analyst for CNN since 2016. He offers his expertise and insights on various political matters in this role.

As a CNN political analyst, Gregory engages in discussions, provides commentary, and contributes to the network’s coverage of political events and news stories.

David Gregory Illness
Since 2016, David Gregory has been a political analyst for CNN. (Image Source: Variety)

This position allows him to share his deep understanding of politics and provide analysis of the latest developments in the political landscape.

Being a part of CNN, one of the leading news networks, Gregory’s contributions help inform and shape public understanding of political issues.

His experience and knowledge make him valuable in providing viewers with informed perspectives and interpretations of current events.

Since joining CNN as a political analyst, Gregory has made significant contributions to the network’s political coverage, further solidifying his reputation as a respected journalist and commentator in politics.

David Gregory Net Worth 2023 

Viewers often get curious about David’s net worth and career earnings. According to a source, David Gregory’s net worth is $12 million. 

Gregory was said to have received a reported payment of $4 million upon his departure from the previous network.

This sizable amount suggests a significant financial arrangement as part of his exit agreement.

Gregory’s primary income source is his successful career as a journalist.

As a journalist, he has held prominent positions such as a White House correspondent for NBC and later as the moderator of NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Gregory’s experience and expertise in journalism have likely opened up opportunities for him to engage in other income-generating activities.

These could include speaking engagements, where he shares his insights and perspectives at conferences or events, and consulting roles, where he provides expert advice to organizations or individuals.

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