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David Holthouse Wikipedia, Age: Sasquatch Documentary Cast

Outlasing with an excellent Documentary about Sasquatch, aka Bigfoot, David Holthouse is doing wonders that have captivated audiences to seek his Wikipedia page. Let us dive into his Wikipedia details.

David Holthouse is an American writer, producer, and documentarian famous for his fabulous creations and direction.

He is best known for Lorena (2019), Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer (2021), and Sasquatch (2021).

Moreover, David was a rock & gonzo journalist and also wrote a first-person essay about surviving childhood sexual assault.

His unique and interesting creations have helped him catch the attention of many audiences and filmmakers.

Similarly, David is listed on the IMDB page, and his work, including his famous documentary crime films, has been published there.

His profession is a testament to the power of perseverance in the face of adversity that acknowledges David.

Nevertheless, David Holthouse continues to catch people’s attention, and his Wikipedia is one of the most searched topics on the internet.

David Holthouse Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is The Documentarian Of Sasquatch?

Despite being in the entertainment industry for many years, David Holthouse is not yet mentioned on Wikipedia.

However, the following article will provide you with all the information about David Holthouse found on Wikipedia.

David in an interview about his documentary Sasquatch on Hulu.
David has gone down many dark paths that have found him in tragic circumstances. (Source: IMDb)

David has managed to keep his personal life away from the limelight, hence details about his date of birth and age are unavailable.

However, from his appearance and an assumption, David seems to be in his 40s.

Besides, as per reports and interviews with David, he mentioned he was a victim of rape at the age of seven.

With an outburst of rage due to such an incident, David also attempted to search for the person behind it.

Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful and ended up posting a story as an article on Westword Publication.

However, David Holthouse had never revealed the identity of the individual who sexually assaulted him.

Later, David adapted the story titled Staking The Bogeyman into a story film in 2021.

David Holthouse on the premiere of the stalking of the bobeyman.
David also plotted to murder the man who sexually assaulted him as a child. (Source: Instagram)

Anyway, information about his family and relations are also confidential matters that are not disclosed.

Furthermore, he is not very active on social media handles, even though he is trending on media platforms.

Being open publicly can lead to many problems. Therefore, David is not exposing anything to the public eye.

Hence, David Holthouse is a career-focused individual who creates a distinct overview in the documentary field.

Meanwhile, given that David Holthouse does not have a Wikipedia, details about his documentaries surprise the audiences.

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Review And Cast Of The Documentary Sasquatch By David Holthouse

Sasquatch is a true crime documentary TV series that debuted on Hulu on April 20, 2021, in the United States.

Sasquatch is a documentary exploring the legend of the elusive creature known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

Instead, Sasquatch reveals a lawless land, sinister and all-American, echoing cutthroat capitalism, racism, and immigrant labor exploitation.

Journalist David Holthouse starts the show by recounting a 1993 tale from a Mendocino County cannabis farm in California.

Moreover, the documentary series has 3 episodes of 46 minutes runtime, which is thrilling and sensational.

A scene of David from his documentary Sasquatch.
David Holthouse is not interested in Hollywood and only prefers his own creation. (Source: IMDb)

Therefore, the following are the main casts of the documentary Sasquatch;

  • David Holthouse – Investigative Journalist
  • Ghost dance – Cannabis Farmer
  • Christopher Dienstag – Former Cannabis Farmer
  • Razor –  Cannabis Farmer
  • Bob Gimlin – Legendary Sasquatch Hunter                                                       
  • Dale Ferranto – CAMP Commander
  • Tom Allman – Mendocino County Sherif
  • Jeffrey Meldrum -Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology

Sasquatch earned praise for its pacing, animated recreations, and authentic portrayal of danger, mainly garnering positive reviews.

Besides, it is 93% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes and got a 6.3/10 rating on IMDb, which is quite a good review.

Nevertheless, David’s Sasquatch evolves skillfully from light-hearted to dark true crime as his investigation delves into increasingly uneasy circles and informants.

Sasquatch is compulsively watchable on Hulu, as David Holthouse’s obsession with a deadly myth becomes our own.

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