HomesingerDavido Religion: Is David Adeleke Christian Or Muslim? Parents Family And Ethnicity

Davido Religion: Is David Adeleke Christian Or Muslim? Parents Family And Ethnicity

Many want to know about Davido Religion. Is he a Christian or Muslim? Let’s find out. 

American-Nigerian singer and songwriter David Adedeji Adeleke is better known by his stage name Davido. He is also a record producer.

Over the years, the artist has managed to earn a reputation in the African and American music industry. The modern artist’s career is shining bright now.

The musician grew in popularity with his single Dami Duro, which became popular in Nigeria in 2011.

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What is Davido Religion? Is He Christian Or Muslim?

Nigerian-American singer Davido is a Christian. However, Davido has many Muslim relatives who are closer and dearer to him.

Davido, a follower of Christianity, has many times worn a cross-chain locket around his neck.

But, the singer also seems fond of the Muslim community and rituals. He observes their tradition and custom up close, as he has many Muslim relatives.

Once, Davido took on his Instagram handle, posting a story saying:

I will never fail in Shaa Allah.

Davido Muslim story caption Religion
Musician Davido shared an Islam reflecting caption on his Instagram story. (Source: Instagram)

If you all are wondering what it means, he truly meant to say that he won’t fail by Allah’s will.

The above statement deeply connects with Islam as many people usually add the almighty Allah’s will to declare their intentions to do something.

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Davido’s Parents, Family & Ethnicity

Nigerian origin Davido was born in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S., in November 1992. Davido was taken to his parents, Adedeji Adeleke (Father) and Vero Adeleke (mother).

Born in a high-class family, he had no financial issues growing up. Davido’s Father, Adedeji, is a business tycoon, while his mother, Vero, used to work as a University lecturer.

Likewise, the musician was the youngest among his five siblings. Davido was his Father’s second-born child.

Similarly, Davido’s parents admitted him to the British International School in Lagos.

Later, his family motivated him to move back to the U.S. to complete his graduation in business administration. Hence, he went to Oakwood University in Alabama to complete his degree.

Davido music concert
Davido during his music concert. (Source: Hype Beast)

Regarding his ethnicity, Davido is a Nigerian-American singer who blends traditional African elements in his music.

As mentioned before, famous musician Davido has many Muslim relatives. Most of the musician’s relatives are near and dear to him, like Ademola Adeleke.

Ademola Adeleke is one of his close Muslim relatives. Likewise, Davido supported his uncle, senator Adeleke, in Osun state’s last election. Also, he stood for Ademola all over the whole election Campaign.

Interesting Facts About Davido

Here are some exciting facts about musician Davido.

  • The musician signed a whopping $30 million endorsement deal with MTN and was named the face of MTN Pulse in 2012. He has also agreed to a record deal with Sony Music.
  • Davido began his music career as a backup singer for Sina Rambo.
  • He fathered three children from three different women. Davido has two daughters and a son.

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