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6ixtynin9: Meet Chantavit Dhanasevi, Davika Hoorne Boyfriend: Relationship Timeline

Who is Davika Hoorne boyfriend? The actress has won millions of hearts through her beautiful appearances and her amazing performances. Let us reveal her boyfriend’s details.

Davika Hoorne, popularly known as Mai, is a multi-talented Thai personality who has made her mark as an actress, model, and singer.

She made her acting debut in the 2010 television series Ngao Kammathep, in which she had a prominent part.

Additionally, the role she played alongside Sunny Suwanmethanon in the movie “Heart Attack,” popularly known as “Freelance,” is what really made her a star.

Mai’s talent is universal, which is evidence of her appeal on a global scale.

Moreover, Davika made considerable progress in 2023 when she won the “36th Global Arts and Television Huading Awards” for “Best Global Teleplay Leading Actress.”

Further, her recognition as a rising star with a promising future in the entertainment industry is reinforced by this acknowledgment.

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Get To Know Davika Hoorne Boyfriend Chantavit Dhanasevi

Davika Hoorne boyfriend Chantavit Dhanaesvi is a Thai actor and screenwriter known for his main role in the movies Hello Stranger, One Day, and ATM: Er Rak Error.

The Thai actor was born on 18 September 1983 in Bangkok, Thailand. His age is currently 40 years.

He started his academic career at Chulalongkorn University, where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts specializing in Still Photography and Motion Pictures.

In addition, Dhanasevi actively engaged in numerous faculty stage productions from 2001 to 2006 when he was a student, refining his talents in the entertainment industry.

Davika Hoorne Boyfriend
Davika Hoorne Boyfriend is a Thai actor and screenwriter. (Source: Instagram)

After graduating, he experimented with screenplay, assistant directing, and off-shot cinematography and even accepted a position as an acting teacher for GTH, a well-known Thai film production firm.

Early in his career, Chantavit accepted tiny acting roles in a number of GTH films, progressively expanding his performing resume.

His career, however, really began to take off in 2008 when he was cast in one of the lead parts in the hit show “Hormones.” In his acting career, this represented a turning point.

Soon after, he was offered a leading part in the horror movie “Coming Soon.” In 2008–2009, he was also honored for his work on the screenplays for “4Bia” and “Phobia 2”.

Moreover, Dhanasevi’s ability goes beyond acting; he co-wrote the screenplay for “Pee Mak” in 2013, displaying his skill as both an actor and a writer.

Davika Hoorne boyfriend’s rise from an art-loving university student to a renowned actor and screenwriter is a testament to his talent and tenacity in the Thai film industry.

Davika Hoorne And Chantavit Dhanasevi Relationship Timeline

Davika Hoorne And Chantavit Dhanasevi met during the sets of ONE 31 TV drama remake “Chai Mai Jing Ying Tae.”

They became close and spent a lot of time together while they were coworkers, eventually falling in love. They started dating back in 2016 and are still together.

Moreover, Ter Chantavit’s fans and followers were treated to a wonderful surprise when he shared a sweet moment on his official Instagram account.

Davika Hoorne Boyfriend
Davika Hoorne and her boyfriend met during the sets and fell in love. (Source: IDN Times)

The post contained a wonderful image of Ter Chantavit and the accomplished Mai Davika, and it immediately won the admiration of their followers.

In addition, the enthusiasm didn’t end there, as the actress Mai Davika also shared a photo of the special day on her Instagram account. She posted a sweet picture of herself and her lover.

Both of them have immense love for each other and are frequently seen on each other’s IG posts celebrating their love and togetherness while supporting each other on their significant journeys.

Furthermore, the pair’s romance continues to captivate the hearts of many as fans celebrate their eternal love, showing us all the importance of love and connection in the entertainment industry.

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