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Who Are Dawn And Craig DeWitt? Elijah DeWitt Parents- Meet His Sister Delaney DeWitt

Who are Elijah DeWitt parents? After Georgia high-school student and football player Elijah DeWitt’s death on October 5, 2022, many are searching for his family members and background.

A Georgia high-school student and football player, Elijah DeWitt, lost his life tragically on October 5, 2022, after Chandler Richardson and Kemare Bryan shot him during a dispute.

DeWitt, who was then eighteen, had excelled as a receiver for Jefferson High School and earned the moniker “Easy E” from NFL player Cam Newton.

He was a hardworking guy and was passionate about football and sports.

Elijah DeWitt’s death in 2022 was a shock to the entire community, and his family, relatives, and close ones mourned his loss deeply.

Besides, after Elijah’s culprits are behind bars, many individuals want to learn more about his parents, family background, and siblings since they were devastated and heartbroken at the time of his death.

Here’s what we know about Elijah DeWitt’s parents and family background.

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Who Are Dawn And Craig DeWitt? Meet Elijah DeWitt Parents And His Sister Delaney DeWitt

The family of Elijah, who have been heartbroken, have received attention due to the suspect’s arrest and the subsequent filing of charges.

The young guy was an incredibly loving son whose parents always supported and believed in him. He was extremely close to both his mother and father. 

According to sources, Elijah DeWitt’s parents are identified as Dawn DeWitt and Craig DeWitt,.

Elijah DeWitt Parents
Kemare Bryan and Chandler Richardson have been arrested for Elijan DeWitt’s death. (Source: Fox 5)

After his death, his dad, Craig DeWitt, said he had forgiven his son’s killers. He told Fox 5, “Forgiveness is for the forgiver. We do not want any hate in our household.”

Also, Dawn, Elijah’s mother, called her son a kind soul, mentioning, “I want him to be known as a fierce competitor with a very big heart.”

She added that the teen guy’s biggest dream was playing college football. Dawn remarked, “He truly simply embraced that dream, and nothing seemed to ever come between his way.”

For 18 years, Miss DeWitt was pleased to be Elijah’s mother, and she finds it difficult to comprehend why someone would want to kill him.

Moreover, the Georgia high-school student was not just a loving son but an equally supportive brother to his sister, Delaney DeWitt.

Delaney, Elijah’s sister, said she will always miss her brother but is confident that he will always be by her side.

Elijah DeWitt Died While On A Date With His Girlfriend Bailey Reidling

Before getting fatally shot in a hotel parking lot, Elijah was on a romantic date with his longtime girlfriend, Bailey Reidling. The two had been dating for almost five years and loved each other dearly.

Reidling said the longtime pair went to Dave & Buster’s on October 5 at the Sugarloaf Mills Mall in Lawrenceville.

They caught up with friends to play games in the restaurant’s arcade and get dinner there.

Elijah DeWitt Parents
Elijah DeWitt celebrated two years anniversary with his girlfriend on November 30, 2021. (Source: Instagram)

Bailey told Fox News Digital that DeWitt kissed her on the forehead and handed her his credit card when it was time to place their food order.

She first used the restroom, and when she returned, she reported that her partner was nowhere to be found. She went outside to search for him and found Elijah on the ground with a gunshot wound.

That was the moment when Chandler Richardson and Kemare Bryan fatally shot Elijah after getting into a fight.

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