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Is DC Young Fly Gay? Gender And Sexuality Of The Rapper

DC Young Fly is a man of many talents who is winning over the hearts of people with his comedic craft. However, questions are being raised about the sexuality of DC Young Fly, as many assume he might be gay.

DC Young Fly was born John Whitefield in Atlanta, Georgia. He was born on May 2, 1992.

DC Young Fly is a popular American rapper, actor, host and internet personality.

He initially began as a social media personality conducting roasting sessions on Instagram and Vine.

In 2015, he became a recurring cast member of the improv comedy series Wild ‘n Out in its seventh season.

Furthermore, DC Young Fly was named the “Rookie of the Year” after his first season.

But the rumor mill is churning and its focus isn’t around the venture of DC Young Fly, rather it’s about the possibility of him being gay.

Is DC Young Fly Gay? Gender and Sexuality of the Rapper

Given that DC Young Fly is a popular rapper, his sexuality has always been in question.

This is a rather unfortunate situation for all celebrities as the media likes to bring out their sexuality into the public limelight.

The case of DC Young Fly is no different as there are rumor mills of him being gay.

However, DC Young Fly is not gay and he was in a relationship for a long time until recently.

DC Young Fly gay rumor is a hot topic at the moment
DC Young Fly is a part of 85 South Comedy group. (Source: Instagram)

Rappers are a key target for questions regarding whether or not they are gay, and DC Young Fly seems the new target.

DC Young Fly was dating Ms. Jacky Oh until her recent untimely demise.

The couple had been together for over 8 years. The couple officially began a romantic link in 2015.

To add to the long-standing relationship, the couple also have three children out of their relationship.

Within the first year of the relationship going public, the couple also welcomed their first child Nova.

Ms. Jacky Oh sharing a family portrait on her Instagram
DC Young Fly is a huge fan of DC comics and because of that, he got his nickname. (Source: Instagram)

Nova was born in October 2016. Subsequently, the couple also welcomed Nala and Prince into their family.

Even though the couple was together for over 8 years, they didn’t tie the knot.

Given all this, it is rather odd for anyone to assume that DC Young Fly is gay.

Furthermore, DC Young Fly has not given any statement regarding the possibility of him being gay.

Hence, this whole rumor of DC Young Fly being gay is nothing but hogwash.

The Untimely Demise of DC Young Fly Partner

DC Young Fly is going through a rather unfortunate situation in his life where he has lost his partner.

In September 2023, DC Young Fly’s partner popularly known as Ms. Jacky Oh passed away.

She was only 32 years old at the time of her passing.

Jacky Oh doing a photoshoot with her daughters
DC Young Fly is a social justice advocate. (Source: Instagram)

The reason for her passing is a rather tragic one as it is rumored that she died due to a makeover gone wrong.

Before her death, Ms. Jacky Oh was heading to Miami to have a ‘mommy makeover’.

This post was later deleted which many assume was done by either her PR team or her partner.

DC Young Fly has posted several statements about how heartbroken he is by the sudden demise.

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Possible Sexuality Question Due to Confusion

Talking about the unnecessary rumors of DC Young Fly being gay, it does look like a possibility of mistaken identity.

There is a rapper, Fly Young Red who is openly gay.

Since there is a similarity in names between the two, there could be a lot of confusion.

A side by side image of DC Young Fly and Fly Young Red
DC Young Fly reads books and does his homework on various topics. (Source: Twitter)

Fly Young Red is vocally gay and has come open about his sexuality. He is even open about promoting hip-hop songs playing in gay clubs.

Hence, there may be a case of confusion between Fly Young Red and DC Young Fly and their sexuality.

Since both of them are in the music industry, it makes the case even more confusing to some people.

DC Young Fly is, however, at the moment more focused on his children rather than clarifying the rumors of him being gay.

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