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Deadly Daycare Wikipedia: 2014 Movie Summary, Plot, & Ending

With its surprising plot, Deadly Daycare has been an interesting watch for many as viewers search for its Wikipedia. Find further details of the plot and ending in this article.

Directed by Michael Feifer, Deadly Daycare is a drama thriller that explores the limits of motherly love.

The story revolves around a 4-year-old Mia and her mother, Rachel, who are going through problems at a daycare.

Further, Deadly Daycare showcases the mother’s struggle while she navigates through her life after divorce.

However, the events take a turn when the characters’ past is revealed.

Now, the Wikipedia of Deadly Daycare delves into the detailed plot summary along with the explanation of the ending.

Deadly Daycare Wikipedia: 2014 Movie Summary And Plot Details

Deadly Daycare begins with Rachel having a nightmare, which leaves her searching for her daughter, Mia.

Further, the mother rushes to the child’s room and assures her that it is just a bad dream.

A loving bond between a mother and daughter is showcased in these initial moments.

Deadly Daycare plot
Rachel leaves her daughter at a daycare due to her job. (Source: Instagram)

Following the events, Rachel sleeps with Mia, assuring the child that she loves her a lot.

The next day, Rachel receives a call from her ex-husband, Daniel, who speaks about financial problems.

Moreover, he cannot pay the mortgage, utilities, and child support for Mia.

Additionally, Daniel revealed that the family could lose their house due to the problematic situation after their split.

Meanwhile, Rachel returns to work to provide for her daughter and save her home.

Later that night, the mother has her friends over, who suggest Rachel apply for daycare for Mia.

Now, the Wikipedia of Deadly Daycare introduces a new character: a teacher named Gabby.

After her friend’s suggestion, Rachel enrolls Mia at Little Ones, where Gabby recognizes the mother.

Gabby in Deadly Daycare
Gabby plans to take Mia away from her mother. (Source: Instagram)

However, something feels off to Rachel as there are cameras all over the daycare.

Meanwhile, the scene shifts to Gabby talking to her husband about the tragic accident on the road.

The story reveals that Daniel crashed into Gabby’s car, killing her daughter and paralyzing her husband.

Now, Gabby wants Mia to take the place of her daughter and considers all of it god’s ultimate plan.

As the plot thickens, the Wikipedia of Deadly Daycare reveals shocking discoveries.

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Deadly Daycare’s Ending Explained: What Does Gabby Do?

After revealing the past of Gabby, viewers see that the teacher tries hard to convince Mia that she is her mother.

However, an assistant teacher in the school, Rebecca, notices Gabby’s behavior and confronts her.

But things don’t go well for Rebecca as Gabby threatens to fire her from the job.

Deadly Daycare movie ending
Gabby was coping with the death of her daughter in the movie. (Source: Twitter)

Amidst all these events, Rachel continues to work as an artist and occasionally meets Daniel.

One day, Rachel notices marks on her daughter’s arm and inquires for the details.

Moreover, Mia confronts that Gabby hurt her and says she hates spending time at the daycare.

Later that evening, Gabby visits their home and blames another kid for the marks on Mia’s arms.

The following day, news comes that Rebecca was hit by a car, leading to a painful death.

Rachel in the movie
Rachel had doubts about Gabby since their first meeting. (Source: IMDb)

Additionally, Rachel plants a spy camera in the classroom, revealing the daycare teacher’s true side.

As the plot progresses, Gabby confronts Daniel about his crimes and shoots him.

Further, she also tries to kill Rachel and take away Mia before trying to shoot herself.

However, at the end of the Wikipedia page on Deadly Daycare, Gabby is caught by the police.

On the bright side, Rachel and Daniel get back together and promise to work on their problems.

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