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Deanna Colon Wikipedia Age: How Old Is Jardiance Commercial Singer?

Deanna Colon is a very successful musician who has spent decades pursuing her dreams in music. Her fans want to learn more about her. Let’s get into some details about her life from this Deanna Colon Wikipedia article.

Deanna DellaCioppa, aka Deanna Colon, is an American singer and songwriter.

Her debut album, Dreaming of You, was able to get into the Billboard 200 chart on the year 2019.

Deanna has since collaborated with many other famous mainstream artists in the music industry.

Not only that, Deanna has been awarded two Grammy Awards and three American Music Awards.

And with her chartbuster songs, fans are now curious about Deanna Colon and are looking for her Wikipedia page.

Deanna Colon Wikipedia: A Multifaceted Artist Beyond Singing

The singer’s talent extends beyond her singing abilities; she is also an actress and a vocal coach.

One moment that defined the turning point of her career was her entry into America’s Got Talent in 2013.

Deanne’s social media account suggests that she is a very fun-loving person. (Source: Instagram)

Her performance of the song And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going was the one that made the audience and judges fall in love with her.

Deanna made it into the quarter-semifinals of the show, which is a huge deal.

Even though her journey in the show ended there, her musical career was just starting.

After her appearance on the famous America’s Got Talent, she started getting approaches for many famous projects.

One of them is the iconic Jardiance commercial, where she sings about how Jardiance helps manage type 2 diabetes.

These things define her career in the entertainment industry, but there is a lot more to learn about her than that.

Deanne Colon selfie
Even with such fame, Deanne Colon enjoys a simple and normal life. (Source: Instagram)

Deanna Colon does not have a Wikipedia page, but we can confirm that she was born in the year 1978, which makes her 45 at the time.

After marrying her husband, Carlos Colon, Deanna took the last name ‘Colon.’

She has Italian and Puerto Rican roots, which makes her cultural background very rich and gives a depth to her identity.

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Deanna’s Unwavering Passion For Music: From Berklee to Hollywood

Deanna was extremely serious about music ever since her younger days.

This is why she chose to study music as a part of her higher education at the Berklee College of Music.

She got a full tuition scholarship in college because of her immense talent and passion.

The subjects she chose to study at Berklee were music business, management, and songwriting.

She graduated from the college in 2000 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. 

Apart from her talents in music, she is also known for her philanthropic efforts.

Deanna Colon Wikipedia
Deanne’s students who learn vocals from her adore her way of teaching. (Source: Instagram)

Her main focus is the welfare of animals, public health, and education for all.

As of 2023, from her hard work and dedication, she has made a net worth of approx $600k.

Most of her net worth comes from her successful musical career, her collaborations, and her compositions for TV and films.

She earns a lot from her online vocal coaching course, Sing with Deanna, and acting career.

So, we know from this Deanna Colon Wikipedia article that she is an extremely passionate singer and musician.

Due to her exceptional hard work, she has successfully placed her name into the list of who is who in the Hollywood music industry.

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