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Death By Fame: Russell Neal Charged With First Degree Murder Of His Wife Catherine Martinez

Death By Fame Russell Neal: Investigation Discovery’s Death By Fame: The Killing Game chronicles the brutal murder of Catherine Martinez by her husband Russell in 2014.

Catherine Martinez was a 24-year-old emerging fitness model, a doting mother of two kids and the wife of R&B singer Russell Neal. She was brutally killed in July 2014 in Houston, Texas.

Police found Catherine beaten and stabbed to death inside her apartment after her husband voluntarily walked into the Police department and told them about their fight, remarking she needed medical attention.

Although there were no difficulties in arresting the perpetrator, he is still awaiting conviction for his crimes due to legal requirements.

Catherine Martinez Death: Her Husband, Russell Neal, Was Charged

On 2 July 2014, Russell Neal informed the deputy in command at a Harris County Sheriff’s Department building that his wife needed medical attention.

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He claimed they argued but refused to talk further. He asked for legal advice instead. Responding to his allegations, the Police stormed into the couple’s Houston apartment and discovered Catherine’s body.

Death By Fame Russell Neal
Russell Neal was charged with first-degree murder. (Image Source: TheCinemaholic)

Russell was part of the 90s singing group Hi-Five, an R&B quintet based in Texas. Catherine’s family claimed that the platinum-selling artist had long lost popularity and strived on his partner’s income. They also claimed that the I Like the Way singer reportedly charged $40 to babysit his kids.

Who Was Catherine Martinez?

Catherine “Brasilia” Martinez was born in Chicago on 15 January 1990 to Mary Figueroa.

She had a significant online presence and a substantial fan following on her YouTube and Instagram accounts. Catherine was also an aspiring boxer and fitness model.

The late fitness model used the name Brasilia Martinez in her professional profiles. Her mother called her “my Bonita,” Spanish for “beautiful,” because of her daughter’s beauty and sharp facial features.

Catherine Neal shared a home in southwest Houston’s Cedar Creek complex on 3766 Tanglewilde with her husband, Russell Neal, then 39 years old, and 

Although her family revealed that the couple was not legally married, Catherine and Russell had two sons – Raphael (born in 2011) and Diego (born in 2009). The 24-year-old model’s neighbors stated that they regularly saw the duo around the complex and did not seem to have any marital issues.

One of the neighbors, Quincy Toler, said that Catherine didn’t say much, but she loved her kids. She kept them clean, excellent and friendly.

When Police discovered Martinez’ dead body under the blanket in the living room, the whole neighbors were shocked.

Where Is Russell Neal Now?

Catherine Martinez’s husband was arrested and charged with first-degree murder concerning her death.

Death By Fame Russell Neal
Death By Fame: Russell Neal was found mentally unfit for trial. (Image Source: Sportskeeda)

As he awaited trial, he was released on a $100,000 bail. However, U.S. Marshal’s Service officers took him into custody in May 2015 after a warrant was issued out of Harris County on charges that he failed to appear for a court date.

According to reports, he displayed suicidal tendencies. He also began exhibiting apparent acts of insanity while in prison and claimed to be “Jesus Christ.” The prosecution claimed Russell was “acting insane” to escape his murder trial.

However, Russell was found mentally unfit to stand trial after multiple consecutive competency hearings, and the court ordered him to receive therapy.

Since then, Russell, in his late forties as of 2023, has remained a patient at a Texas mental institution at Rusk State Hospital. The last thing this world can provide Catherine Martinez is justice. But she is yet to receive it.

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