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Delfina Wagner Wikipedia And Edad: How Old Is Periodista?

Many people are searching for Delfina Wagner wikipedia to learn more about the young journalist who has shaken Argentina’s politics.

Delfina Wagner is a name that has been making headlines in Argentina and beyond for the past few months.

She is a young journalist, political commentator, panelist, communicator and social media influencer.

The 20-year-old panelist has recently been involved in some of the country’s most controversial and sensational issues.

In today’s piece, let’s unpack all the known details about Delfina Wagner’s personal and professional life.

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Explore Delfina Wagner Wikipedia: How Old Is Periodista?

Delfina Wagner was born in the early 2000s in Buenos Aires, Argentina. According to her recent post on X, formerly Twitter, she is 20 years old.

Delfina Wagner Wikipedia
Delfina Wagner is an Argentine journalist. (Image Source: Twitter or X)

She gained popularity and recognition for her liberal views, outspoken opinions, and sharp criticism of the government and the opposition.

The young journalist also covered topics such as feminism, human rights, environment, culture, and entertainment.

She has over 82K followers on Instagram and 63K on Twitter, where she posts videos, photos, and articles daily.

Wagner has also participated in several TV shows and public events, where she has expressed her views and debated with other guests.

Moreover, Delfina Wagner has been involved in some political scandals that have put her under scrutiny and pressure from the authorities and the public.

In March 2023, she was linked to a radical group called “RevoluciĆ³n Federal” (Federal Revolution), which claimed responsibility for several attacks against government buildings and officials.

The group stated that Wagner’s writings and videos inspired them to want to overthrow the government and establish a federal republic.

Wagner denied any connection with the group and said she condemned violence and terrorism.

Is Delfinas Wagner To Be Investigated?

Cristina Kirchner, the vice president of Argentina, requested justice to investigate Delfina Wagner and confiscate her cell phone.

Kirchner suspects that Wagner may be the link between a gang of criminals called “the copitos” and an organization called “RevoluciĆ³n Federal” (Federal Revolution).

The vice president believes the group planned an assassination attempt against Kirchner last year.

Wagner denied involvement in the attack and claimed she was a “politically persecuted” person intimidated by Kirchner for expressing her ideas and criticism.

She also compared Kirchner’s actions to those of a dictatorship and said she would not be silenced.

Wagner has shared a lengthy note on her social media commenting on the vice president’s request and her view.

Is Delfina Wagner In A Relationship With Alfa?

The young Argentine journalist Delfina Wagner is in a relationship with Walter “Alfa” Santiago, a “Gran Hermano” (Big Brother) star.

Delfina Wagner Wikipedia
Delfina Wagner is dating reality TV show star Alfa. (Image Source: Los Andes)

Alfa is also a former military officer who served in the Falklands War in 1982.

In addition, Delfina’s boyfriend is a businessman, a musician, and a father of four children, whom he shares with his previous marriages.

The adorable couple first crossed paths in 2022. The smitten pair announced their relationship on social media in January 2023.

It caused a huge stir among the public and the media. They faced criticism for their age difference of 42 years.

Their political views also attracted a lot of backlash. Alfa is a conservative and a supporter of the government led by President Mauricio Macri.

As mentioned above, Delfina is famous for her liberal views. Despite their differences, the couple has defended their relationship and claimed to be in love.

They have also said that they respect each other’s opinions and learn from each other.

Delfina and her beau have appeared together in several TV shows and magazines, sharing details of their personal lives.

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