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Watch Denise Frazier Viral Dog Video: Was The Woman Arrested?

19-year-old female Denise Frazier from Mississippi was all over the news for engaging in sexual activity with her service dog; her viral video led to many people reporting her. Did the police arrest her? Let’s dive deep into it.

Denise Frazier is a 19-year-old female from Mississippi who used to be a social media influencer.

She recently made many headlines on the Internet with her very strange actions.

Denise was allegedly found engaging in sexual activity with her service dog.

Not only that, she was also filming it and posting it on her social media accounts.

The video has gone viral, making many people curious about Denise Frazier and whether she has faced any consequences for her actions.

Denise Frazier Confesses To Viral Video Involving Her Service Dog: Faces Serious Legal Consequences

Initially, when the video began surfacing, people did not know who the female in the video was.

Later, as the video went viral, many started pointing out that it was Denise Frazier in the video.

Denise Frazier herself also confessed that it was indeed her in the video.

Denise Frazier is still a teenager, which may be why the law department gave her some benefit of the doubt. (Source: Twitter)

However, she also says that someone had forced her to make it, which was not her choice.

According to Denise, one of her followers gave her money to have sex with her dog.

The dog is supposedly her service dog and has been with her for a long time.

After the video of Denise Frazier and her dog went viral, she got a lot of backlash on the Internet.

Someone belonging to her neighborhood reported it to the police.

According to reports, when police went to arrest her, there were two other males with her.

Denise Frazier Viral Video
Denise Frazier is facing backlash for her video with her dog. (Source: Twitter)

However, it is unclear if they had anything to do with the viral video of Denise Frazier.

The police then arrested her and charged her with unnatural intercourse and aggravated cruelty to an animal.

Various reports suggest that if the charges were proven, Denise could have been sent behind bars for 10 long years.

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Denise Frazier Escapes Lengthy Prison Term Amidst Online Backlash and Animal Ban

Denise Frazier’s Twitter bio, which says “19 and innocent of all charges,” suggests she did not get charged.

The judge allegedly ordered her to stay away from animals and asked her to pay a bond of $25,000.

Reports suggest that there may be other disturbing videos that have not been released.

Meanwhile, the dog in the viral video of Denise Frazier lives in an animal shelter in Mississippi.

The animal rescue center provides the dog with proper care and examines if he is in a trauma.

Denise Frazier selfie
A police officer says he had never faced such a case in his decade-long career. (source: Twitter)

Despite not going to prison for 10 years, Denise appears to be facing the consequences of her actions online.

Many people still write comments under posts about the viral video.

The animal lovers from around the country want her to admit that what she did was wrong.

However, some people are giving her the benefit of the doubt because of her situation and her age at the time of the crime.

Let’s hope we do not hear about such cases involving innocent animals again.

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