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Destiny Etiko Leaked Video And Scandal: Where Is Her Husband Zubby Michael?

Destiny Etiko Leaked Video has been a topic of interest for people. Actress Destiny Etiko is from Nigeria. In an interview with Vanguard, Etiko detailed her 2011 entry into the Nigerian film business or Nollywood. 

She saw her experience as challenging at the time because she was still a student in a higher institution and had to balance her acting career with her academic obligations. 

Etiko’s career gained notoriety after she starred in the 2012 Ernest Obi-produced film Idemili, which was not released until 2014. 

She was nominated for a City People Entertainment Award for her performance in the film. Etiko had made appearances in previous films before her part in Idemili, however, none of them were major ones.

Etiko was born in Enugu state and has remained there throughout her acting career, in contrast to what has become the standard in the Nigerian film business, which is moving to Lagos state to flourish as a creative. 

In an interview, Etiko confirmed that she had experienced sexual harassment at the hands of male film producers, who make up the vast majority of those involved in Nigerian film productions.

Let’s get into the article till the end to learn more about Destiny Etiko Leaked Video And Scandal, which is going viral on the internet.

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Destiny Etiko Leaked Video And Scandal

Destiny Etiko Leaked Video of interest for people. Destiny is caught getting intimate with her husband Zubby Michael. The video that Destiny Etiko leaked went viral online, and her fans had been looking for it for a while now.

The video is currently unavailable on social media accounts since it is against community standards. However, it has received a lot of sharing on adult websites.

As a result, Destiny has gained attention, and her viral tape is worrying everyone on the internet. Still, the video’s falsity may be verified.

There have also been instances in the past of actresses being well-known after their names were linked to unapproved websites that broke news about phony videos.

Destiny Etiko Leaked Video
Destiny Etiko Leaked Video has been a topic of interest for people. (Source: Instagram)

Given that numerous sources have reported on her viral video, it is possible that she was the victim of the same crime.

Her involvement in the Destiny Etiko incident has thrust her into the spotlight. After people began looking for her video, it became popular on other websites.

A private moment was captured in the popular video, but media outlets hijacked Destiny Etiko’s name to create fictitious titles. 

Where Is Her Husband Zubby Michael?

On the film set, Destiny Etiko wed actor Zubby Michael, but their union isn’t genuine. At the moment, Destiny Etiko is unmarried and does not have an engagement ring on. Destiny Etiko was mistaken for a married woman by many. 

For a considerable amount of time, Destiny Etiko has been the talk of the internet. This began when people became intrigued by her widely shared video.

As a result, many inquiries have been made online, and many are curious to learn the truth. As was previously stated, Destiny Etiko’s viral video is untrue.

Destiny Etiko
Destiny Etiko is a famous Nigerian actress. (Source: Instagram)

The videos are all fictitious and were posted merely to garner attention. She has remained silent about her video, even in the face of all the suspicions.

She would rather keep quiet and disregard the unfounded rumors that quickly become widely circulated. In 2019, Etiko gave her mother an apartment and thanked her for encouraging her daughter’s choice to pursue a career in acting. 

On the other hand, her father strongly disagreed with her desire to pursue acting as a career. 2020 May was her father’s death month.

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