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Devin Haney Ex Girlfriend: Jania, India Love, Aileen, & Kris Summers

After the rising popularity of Devin Haney from the recent news of his fight with Ryan Garcia, netizens are curious to know about his ex girlfriend, Jania and curiosity surrounds their past relationship, adding intrigue to the unfolding narrative.

Devin Haney is a talented American boxer with great success in professional boxing. He was born on November 17, 1998, and is 25.

Standing 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm), Haney engages in combat with a traditional fighting stance called orthodox.

Haney has succeeded in multiple weight classes at the world championship level, demonstrating his exceptional talent and commitment to boxing.

He has been the holder of the WBC super lightweight title since December 2023, one of his notable accomplishments.

He had also been the undisputed lightweight champion from 2022 until August 2023.

Likewise, Haney’s impressive performances have earned him recognition as one of the top boxers in his weight class.

His remarkable talent and relentless determination have solidified his reputation as a formidable force in the boxing world.

Currently, people are seeking interest in ex girlfriend of Devin Haney. So, let’s find out who Jania, India Love, Aileen, & Kris Summers are.

Devin Haney Ex Girlfriend: Jania, India Love, Aileen, & Kris Summers

Devin Haney, a skilled boxer, has been involved in several well-known romantic partnerships.

India Love, a well-known influencer on social media, is one of the ex girlfriend of Devin Haney.

They began a relationship in the summer of 2021 and were together for over a year before breaking up.

Before dating India Love, Haney had a relationship with Jania Jackson, the mother of NBA YoungBoy’s child.

Devin Haney with goggels
Devin Haney, nicknamed The Dream, is a renowned boxer. (Source: Instagram)

However, even though they had gotten engaged, their relationship ended in May 2021.

Haney has also dated Kris Summers, a model with a significant social media following.

Not much is known about this relationship, as it was his first one to be made public, but it is evident that they were in a romantic relationship at some stage.

Additionally, Haney was reportedly linked to Aileen Gisselle in the past, although details about their relationship remain scarce.

His short-lived relationship with Blac Chyna in 2018, when he was only 19 years old, also received a lot of public interest.

Devin Haney in black
Currently, Devin Haney is single and not dating anyone. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, the media closely examined India Love’s past relationships with celebrities like Lil Yachty and Rich The Kid.

Nevertheless, Haney’s relationships have received media attention because of his career as a boxer and the fame of his partners.

The ex girlfriend and love life of Devin Haney, with Jania Jackson, India Love, Kris Summers, and others, also captivates fans and media attention.

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Details On Early Life And Career Of Devin Haney 

Devin Haney was born in San Francisco and grew up in Oakland, California, before moving to Las Vegas with his father when he was 14.

Further, he began his boxing journey at just seven years old and quickly showed promise.

Despite facing challenges like opponents withdrawing from fights due to visa issues, Haney remained determined and focused on his career.

Haney showcased his skills early in his career by dominating tough opponents like Xolisani Ndongeni and Antonio Moran.

His victory over Zaur Abdullaev earned him the vacant WBC interim lightweight title in September 2019.

Devin Haney in jenes
Devin Haney is the youngest ever to achieve this feat. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Haney continued to showcase his skills by defeating Yuriorkis Gamboa in October 2020 and Jorge Linares in May 2021.

One of Haney’s significant moments came in June 2022 when he faced George Kambosos Jr. in Australia.

Furthermore, Haney outboxed Kambosos Jr. to become the first undisputed lightweight champion in the four-belt era.

Similarly, their rematch in October 2022 further solidified Haney’s dominance in the lightweight division.

Haney’s career has not been without controversy, such as his comments regarding race before his fight with Vasiliy Lomachenko in May 2023.

Nonetheless, he has remained focused on his goals and strives for greatness in boxing.

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