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Dhruv Rathee Religion: Father Parents Wife And Net Worth

Dhruv Rathee religion is Hinduism, and he is an Indian Youtuber in Germany who makes videos on various topics such as personal finance, environment, economics, society, history, and contemporary politics.

The YouTuber is often criticized for his anti-government views and for being biased toward a particular political party. Moreover, the boy said that he became frustrated with the Modi Government when he joined hands with the corruption accused B S Yeddyurappa.

Dhruv Rathee Parents Religion: More On His Father 

Dhruv follows the Hindu Religion. A large number of people tend to follow the Hindu Religion in India. The vlogger’s father’s information has not been revealed.

 The activist was born on October 8, 1994, in a Hindu Jat family in Haryana. He is an Indian National but happens to be living in Germany.

However, the Mechanical Design Engineer parent’s detail is not disclosed yet by him. There isn’t any information about his siblings. He keeps his family background private, but he has revealed his wife. 

The boy considers himself an atheist (an atheist who is culturally following every Religion’s faith). Dhruv completed his schooling in Haryana and considered Haryanavi his native language.

Dhruv Rathee
Dhruv Rathee with his wife, Juli
Source: Shiksha News

Dhruv Rathee is an Indian Youtuber, Activist, and Mechanical Design Engineer who shares his views on India’s political, contemporary social, and environmental issues.

Apart from vlogging, he is a Professional Association of Diving Instructors certified advanced-level scuba diver (depths of up to 100 feet). Rathee also runs a segment called “Pee News,” a satirical news program.

The boy is also a vlogger, uploads travel vlogs for Deutsche Wellw’s DW Travel, and is the host of Maha Bharat Dhruv Rathee. Besides his formal education, he has developed a keen interest and knowledge in Political science, Political Philosophy, and economics.

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 Is Dhruv Rathee Married? Wife Explored

Dhruv is married to Juli LBR, a Medical student in Germany. After all, the couple has been in a relationship for a long time. The lovers decided to get married on November 24, 2021, after dating for an extended period.

Dhruv Rathee
Indian Youtuber Dhruv Rathee Marries German Girlfriend, Juli at Vienna.
Source: News 18

The venue of the marriage ceremony was Belvedere Palace in Vienna. Juli was born on February 8, 1997, in Germany. She is a german citizen who is popular for being the wife of the famous Indian Youtuber Dhruv Rathee.

Juli is a medical student by profession. Apart from that, she also works as a part-time camerawoman to pursue her hobby along with her formal education.

The lovers dated each other for more than seven years before getting married in 2021. Both of them shared pictures of weddings on their respective social media.

Dhruv Rathee Net Worth And Career Details

Dhruv Rathee has a net worth of $4 Million as of 2022. His net worth in Indian Rupees is Rs 25 Crores. He is one of India’s most hard-working yet dedicated YouTubers and activists.

The Youtuber regularly uploads videos expressing his views, thoughts, and opinions about critical socio-political and environmental issues being faced in the world, which are neglected by the Indian media.

The boy has 8.62 million subscribers on his main channel. Rathee is a Youtuber educator whose expertise lies in doing simplified and accurate breakdowns of complex and unknown topics.

Dhruv Rathee
The Youtuber Dhruv Rathee speaks his truth with well-researched content on social issues.
Source: Femina. in

He regularly uploads videos to break down people’s false views and assumptions regarding the ongoing political happenings.

Besides that, he is often known for spreading awareness happening around the world in a simplified way. Dhruv migrated to Germany for his post-graduation studies and job.

After the completion of his master’s in Renewable energy, he started working as a ‘ Mechanical Design Engineer” in a company in Germany.

According to various sources, the YouTuber earns around Rs. 50 lakhs each month from Youtube, making his annual earnings more than Rs. 6 crores. The boy also started a series called The Dhruv Rathee Show( now discontinued) on his Youtube, in which he continued to be critical of the government.

In 2014, Rathee released a debut video on his channel, titled “BJP Exposed: Lies Behind The Bullshit,” targeting Narendra Modi’s democratically chosen government that had been elected earlier that year.

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