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Who Is Marie Navaroli Kropp? Dick Smothers New Wife Wikipedia Details

After Dick Smothers recently got married to his new wife, Marie Navaroli Kropp, people are getting curious to know more about her personal life. So, who is she? Let’s find that out!

Marie Navaroli Kropp is a well-known and highly acclaimed singer and songwriter from America.

Widely famous for her vocal skills and singing abilities, Marie has established herself as a reputed artist in the music industry.

Many of her fans and colleagues often praise her perseverance and hardworking nature.

However, despite this, she gained much media attention for marrying actor and comedian Dick Smothers who is currently 85 years old.

As a result, the number of people searching for the Wikipedia page of Marie Navaroli Kropp, wife of Dick Smothers, is growing excessively.

Dick Smothers Wife Marie Navaroli Wikipedia

Despite making a name for herself in the musical field, the Wikipedia page of Marie Navaroli, Dick Smothers’s wife, is still unavailable.

Thus, for convenience, we have brought you a fully detailed article on Marie Navaroli for her supporters.

Regardless of all the public attention, Marie does not share much about her personal life in the media.

Dick Smothers And His Wife Marie Navaroli posing on the camera in a function
Marie Navaroli is a well-known lead singer of a band. (Source: NCERT POINT)

That’s why there is not enough information about her exact date of birth to know her current age.

However, talking about her singing career, Dick Smothers wife possessed a deep interest in music from an early age.

While in high school, she was very active in singing in front of the crowd and was also a part of her high school band, Heatwave.

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How Did Dick Smothers And Marie Navaroli Meet?

Marie Navaroli is married to the famous comedian and actor Dick Smothers. The couple married in a private ceremony in September 2022.

Dick was single when he met the band singer. The lovely pair met in 2016 when Marie took an improv class in Sarasota, Florida.

She had a good relationship with her instructor, who was in touch with Mr. Smothers and met him weekly.

So, once the instructor invited Marie to join them, though, she said she wasn’t interested.

Dick Smothers smiling for an magazine shoot
Dick Smothers And Marie Kropp dated for more than 5 years before marrying. (Source: X)

As per the sources, at that time, Marie was grieving the loss of her ex-husband, whom she lost in a long battle with leukemia.

Marie said her meeting with the comedian was the sweetest thing that happened in her life during those sad years.

However, when she met Mr. Smothers, she never thought she would marry him one day.

As they started getting close, their love for each other grew, and consequently, they decided to marry.
After several years of dating, they tied the knot in September 2022, and since then, the pair have been living a happy life in Los Angeles.

Does Marie Navaroli Have Any Children?

There is not much information available about Marie’s children.

Though she was in an 18-year-long relationship before being the wife of Dick Smothers.

However, it is also unknown whether she had any children from her previous marriage.

Even though some people believe she shares children with her ex-partner, there is no clear evidence to support this claim.

Marie Navaroli with her fans taking selfie
Marie Navaroli is a famous figure in the music industry. (Source: X)

It is crucial to have supporting pieces of evidence while talking about someone’s family and personal life.

However, talking about the comedian, he share six children with his two ex-wives.

Though the family is private on social media platforms, the public often catches glimpses of them enjoying their time together on vacations and holidays.

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