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Dick Wolf Net Worth: Career & Lifestyle

An American television personality, Dick Wolf, has an estimated net worth of  $550 million as of May, 2024.

His full name is Richard Anthony Wolf.  He was born on December 20, 1946.

Wolf is famous as creator and executive producer of the renowned American television franchise series “Law & Order.”

He is also the founder and executive producer of the Chicago franchise and FBI, which has two more spin-off series.

Dick Wolf
Dick Wolf [source: celeblattler.com]
Dick has received several awards throughout his career, most notably a Grammy and a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2007.

Not only that, Wolf created the documentary drama Cold Justice for TNT in 2012.

Quick Facts

Firstly, Let’s see some of the quick facts regarding Richard Anthony Wolf.

Full Name  Richard Anthony Wolf 
Celebrated Name   Dick Wolf 
Other Names  Richard A. Wolf, Richard Wolf, Richard D. Wolf 
Date of birth  December 20, 1946 
Net Worth   $550 million 
Age  77 Years Old   
Gender  Male 
Place Of Birth  New York City, New York, United States of America  
Nationality  American 
Profession  Television Producer, Screenwriter, Film Producer, Actor, Program Creator 
Zodiac Sign  Sagittarius 
Religion  Roman Catholicism  
Ethnicity  American Jewish 
Residence  New York 
Height  5 feet 6 inches (169 cm) 
Weight  69 kg (152.12 lbs) 
Color of hair  White 
Color Of Eye  Blue 
Social Media   Instagram 
Sexual Orientation  Straight 
Father’s Name  George Wolf 
Mother’s Name  Marie G. Wolf 
Siblings  Unknown  
Marital status  Divorced 
School  Saint David’s School
The Frederick Gunn School 
University  University of Pennsylvania 
Spouse  Susan Scranton (m. 1970 and div. 1983)  

Christine Marburg (m. 1983 and div. 2005)  

Noelle Lippman (m. 2006 and div. 2019)  

Children’s Name   Olivia Wolf, Elliot Wolf, Rex Wolf, Serena Wolf 
Last Updated  May, 2024 

Net Worth and Income

Net worth

Dick Wolf has an estimated net worth of $550 million.

Most of his fortune came as an actor, director, and producer.

Dick’s most significant earnings in several years are listed below:

Earnings  Years
$120 million 2020
$120 million 2019
$120 million 2018
$120 million 2017
$120 million 2016
$120 million 2015
$120 million 2014
$120 million 2013
$70 million 2012
$70 million  2007


According to several published articles, the television personality made over $70 million in 2012.

Dick Wolf baggs between $10 and $15 million per month from his television empire, according to a court declaration filed in January 2019 as part of his divorce from Noelle Lippman.

That’s between $120 and $180 million a year.

According to the same filing, Wolf and Lippman had a signed contract that protects a major chunk of their TV assets, while she would still be entitled to half of his salary and half of the assets they acquired during their marriage, which lasted from 2006 to 2018.

Wolf and Marburg’s divorce began in the early 2000s and was officially finalized in 2005.

Unsurprisingly, the value of “Law & Order” was a major topic of discussion throughout their settlement talks.

Marburg was legally entitled to half of the show’s value because it was made after their marriage. Financial experts believed that “Law & Order’s” overall value then was only $8 million during talks.

One can guess what a shock Marburg might have gotten when she read the LA Times a few months after signing the settlement agreement that Wolf was completing a new production deal with NBC worth $1.6 billion.

Net Worth of Richard Anthony Wolf  in Different Currencies

Let’s look into Richard Anthony Wolf’s net worth in different currencies, including the cryptocurrency BitCoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro €  466,283,455
Pound Sterling £  399,564,165
Australian Dollar A$  752,188,250
Canadian Dollar C$ 694,311,750
Indian Rupee ₹  40,423,240,000
BitCoin ฿ 11,230

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Richard Anthony Wolf Houses, and Cars


Maine House

Wolf bought a $10.5 million property on Maine’s Mount Desert Island in 2003.

Seal Harbor has only a few structures, and Wolf is one of the island’s seasonal occupants. However, there are not many specifications available yet.

Mansion outside Santa Barbara, Hope Ranch

Richard paid $14.8 million for a spec home in Hope Ranch for his wife, Noelle Lippman.

The mansion, which sits on 2.3 acres, was constructed in 2017 and was listed for $17.5 million at the time.

The 11,200-square-feet house was designed in a contemporary style with Spanish influence. An outdoor 75-feet pool and cactus garden are part of the property.

In each story, there are two master suites. The lower apartment has a view of the garden, while the upper suite has a view of the ocean.

Likewise, there is also an elevator, so you don’t need to worry about walking all along through the stairs.

The living room, the dining room has a double-sided fireplace. A ball court, an art studio, and trendy outdoor dining spaces are all included in the home.

Properties in Montecito, California, and New York City

Wolf also owns two more mansions in Montecito, California, and the other in New York City. Although this is an approximate figure, the combined worth of these two homes is $30 million.


Dick Wolf owns a sleek Mercedes s63. He paid $144,175 for this beauty, which is driven by a 4.0L Twin-Turbo V8 Gas engine.

He’s also has a Lexus. Wolf does not flaunt his cars publically, so much information is not available.

Richard Anthony Wolf Lifestyle and Vacations

Dick Wolf’s enormous net worth has allowed him to live a lavish lifestyle. He owns multimillion-dollar properties.

He has also stated that vacations to foreign locations are a terrific stress reliever.

However, Richard has a hectic schedule. He is continuously creating and producing shows even at the age of 77.

Reportedly, he’s been working on two new projects, the release date of which has yet to be disclosed.


Most of Dick’s charitable deeds are done via his own organization, The Wolf Family Foundation.

Dick contributed $1 million to support Alliance for Children’s Rights. Likewise, he has been a consistent contributor to the foundation for a number of years.

Wolf and his ex-third wife, Noelle, have also donated a large sum of money to the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara for the creation of a training and education center.

Moreover, they also announced that they would enable non-profit organizations to use their teaching center.

Media, Investments, Endorsements & Book Publications


Dick Wolf has directed, performed in, and produced various films and television episodes since 1985.

Richard Wolf went on to work as a staff writer on “Hill Street Blues” to begin his television career.

He then went on to work as a writer and co-producer on the third and fourth seasons of “Miami Vice.”

Three of his screenplays have been produced since he moved to Los Angeles. The film “Masquerade” (1988) earned the best response of the three.

The show “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” was Wolf’s next project from 1990 to 2010.

It was and is one of television’s most popular franchises. Similarly, it was tied with “Gunsmoke” for the distinction of the longest-running dramatic show on television.

“Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” “Law & Order: Trial by Jury,” “Law & Order: UK,” and “Law & Order: Los Angeles” are among the spin-off shows.

“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” is the longest-running scripted primetime drama as of May 2019.

The police drama “New York Undercover,” which aired on the Fox Broadcasting Company Network from 1994 to 1998, was another project Wolf worked on in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Not only that, He co-created the show and served as its executive producer.

Dick was involved in the production of a documentary about the rock band The Doors entitled “When You’re Strange” as well as Academy Award-winning documentary “Twin Towers.”

“Chicago Fire,” which premiered on NBC, is another popular Wolf production. Despite poor ratings at first, it went on to become NBC’s second-highest-rated scripted drama series.

The show led to a number of spin-off programs, including “Chicago Police Department,” “Chicago Medicine,” and “Chicago Justice.”


Dick has put a lot of money into his own television show, Law & Order. He is the show’s creator and executive producer.

He is said to have made nearly $850 million from the Law & Order franchise. While it might be true, he insists on a fee of $200,000 per episode.

In addition, Wolf negotiated a $1.6 billion deal with NBC for his shows.

Similarly, Wolf has his own production company named Wolf Entertainment. He started the company in 1985, and it is responsible for shows including Chicago P.D., Law & Order, among others.

Book Publication

Dick Wolf collaborated on three books with Detective Jeremy Fisk of the New York Police Department.

Similarly, the books include The Method of Execution (1984), The Intercept (2012), and The Last Word (2015).

Lastly, Law & Order: Crime Scenes is non-fiction which is comparable to the TV show Law & Order.


Richard Anthony “Dick” Wolf is an American crime drama producer who has worked on shows including Miami Vice and the Law & Order franchise.

Dick was born in New York City and attended Saint David’s School. Wolf attended Phillips Academy and received his diploma from The Gunnery.

Similarly, he was a student at the University of Pennsylvania, where he received his bachelor’s degree in 1969.

Law and Order's Behind the Camera Scene
Law and Order’s Behind the Camera Scene  [Source: JPEGmini Blog]
After spending a few years in New York, he moved to Los Angeles and had three screenplays produced, one of which was  Masquerade, starring Rob Lowe and Meg Tilly, which was positively taken by the critics.

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3 Facts About Richard Anthony Wolf

  • Dick Wolf was a classmate of George W. Bush.
  • Mr. Wolf worked with former presidential candidate Fred Thompson, who earned national exposure as the district attorney in Law & Order in 2008 and ran for the Republican nomination for president.
  • NBC announced the documentary series LA Fire and Rescue in May 2021. Wolf will produce the series, which will follow the firemen of the Los Angeles County Fire Department.


How many times has Dick Wolf married, and with whom?

In 1970, Dick Wolf married Susan Scranton for the first time. This marriage, however, did not endure long and ended in divorce in 1983.

In 1983, he married Christine Marburg for the second time. They had three children Elliot, Olivia, and Serena.

In 2003, this couple split, and in 2006, he married Noelle Lippman. However, it too ended up in divorce.

How many films have Dick Wolf produced?

Well, it’s hard to keep count on that, but some of his notable works include No Man’s Land, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Twin Towers, and School Ties.



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