HomesingerDid Bella Poarch Cheat On Husband Tyler Poarch With Tyga? Relationship Timeline

Did Bella Poarch Cheat On Husband Tyler Poarch With Tyga? Relationship Timeline

Did Bella Poarch cheat on her husband, Tyler, with Tyga? The TikTok star Bella Poarch filed for divorce from her husband, Tyler Poarch, in November 2022.

Who doesn’t know Bella Poarch? The Filipino-born singer and social media personality rose to fame on Tiktok thanks to her lip-syncing abilities.

She has nearly 91 million followers on TikTok and is the third most-followed individual on the platform. Besides her social media career, she also established her musical career and signed a music record deal with Warner Records in 2021.

After the star filed for divorce from her husband, Tyler Porch, people have been curious about their divorce and relationship.

While the gorgeous singer has such a huge fandom, she managed to keep her marriage secret. In addition, she never mentioned her spouse and didn’t share any pictures with him. Keep reading to discover untold facts about the singer’s love and marital life.

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Did Bella Poarch Cheat On Her Husband, Tyler Poarch, With Tyga? Relationship Timeline

In September 2021, speculation about Bella Poarch dating rapper Tyga surfaced on social media.

The rumor began circulation after two singers were featured together in some TikTok videos. The two musicians were seen dancing to the rapper’s music in a Los Angeles mansion.

However, Bella later addressed the rumor and said all the assumptions were false. She also revealed that she is just a friend of the rapper.

Did Bella Poarch Cheated On Her Husband
Bella Poarch has been married secretly for years. (Image Source: Instagram)

The TikTok star Bella Poarch filed for divorce from her husband, Tyler Poarch, in November 2022. The court document revealed that the couple has been married for several years.

According to E! News, Bella and her husband, Tyler, tied the knot in January 2019. In the court document obtained by the publication, their separation date is listed as undetermined.

In addition, the star requested neither Party make any spousal support payments and noted she would be keeping her last name.

Bella Poarch Fans Are Shocked

After discovering that the artist had been secretly married the entire time they had come to know her, fans expressed their shock on social media.

One Twitter user said Bella being married for years, and no one knew the level of privacy they admired.

Another wrote Poarch took the lowkey and privacy to a new level and said Bella’s fans admired the singer’s family and friends circle for respecting her relationship and confidentiality.

Another supporter commented that it takes a ridiculous amount of stealth to hide a whole man for four years while having an entire career in the spotlight.

Did Bella Poarch Cheated On Her Husband
Bella Poarch’s fans are shocked by her divorce and marriage news. (Image Source: Instagram)

Aside from Bella Poarch being married secretly, fans are also shocked to know that her surname is not Poarch – it’s her husband’s last name. The singer’s real name is Denarie Bautista Taylor.

Bella Poarch Talked About Her Heartbreaks

Although she has kept her marriage out of the limelight, Bella opened up about some of her dating and breakup experiences.

During a talk with H3 Podcast in July 2021, the musician said she had been single for a year. In addition, she revealed how she broke up with her ex-boyfriend while in the United State Navy.

The “Build a Bitch” hitmaker recalled getting an email where her ex-partner wrote, “I’m sorry, but I’m unable to do this any longer, it said in an email. I’m ending our relationship. Never reply to my emails.”

When questioned about how her experience affected her ability to connect, Bella Poarch admitted that when she first joined the Navy, she “didn’t know anything about starting a relationship.”

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