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Did Constance Wu Change Her Name? Real Name And Backstory

Being an Asian-American actress, Constance Wu has been able to carve her name in the industry, and many wonder if there was a change in her original name. Find out more in the article.

Constance Tianming Wu, known commonly as Constant Wu, was born on March 22, 1982.

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Wu’s parents emigrated to the States from Taiwan for a better life.

Further, Wu made her debut with Stephanie Daley in 2006 as a supporting role.

Since then, she has acted in numerous films and shows amassing praise from the critics.

Wu’s breakthrough role was as Jessica Huang in the TV comedy Fresh Off the Boat, which earned her many nominations and awards.

Moreover, the industry and critics have loved her after her performance in Crazy Rich Asians.

However, fans have always wondered if Constance Wu has another name and are curious to know if there is a history of name change.

Did Constance Wu Change Her Name? Real Name And Backstory

Constance Wu is of Chinese descent despite living in the States.

Her Chinese name is Wu Tianming, with Wu being the family name and Tianming meaning the mandate of heaven.

However, Wu has been known in the industry as Constance for the longest time, and it seems like it’s her birth name, and there seems to be no change in it.

Constance Wu during movie premier
Constance Wu is a remarkable actress with different genres of works (Source: Instagram)

Constance simply roots back to Latin, meaning resolute and faithful, which seems like a suited name for the actress.

Being born in the States, her parents seem to have given her a Western name along with a Chinese one.

So, Wu’s name seems to be real, as evidence of her having a different birth name is not available.

Further, Wu’s parental grandparents were not financially stable and did not have the opportunity to get an education.

So, her parents migrated to the States, where Wu has lived all her life.

Wu in Fresh Off the Boat
Wu made a breakthrough in the TV series Fresh Off the Boat (Source: Instagram)

Her name can also be interpreted as her parents’ way of helping Wu fit into Western society.

As Asian people are often known for having unique names, naming the actress Constance Wu gave her Chinese name a Western touch.

Currently, Wu advocates Chinese representation in the media and seems proud of her heritage.

Further, she has expressed her support for bringing more diversity into the film industry.

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Constance Wu: Career And Family Details

Since her debut, Wu has come a long way in the film industry, making a name for herself.

With her recent roles, she has won and amassed nominations in the Golden Globe Awards and Best Actress Awards in Comedy Series.

Furthermore, Wu made history as the first actress of Asian descent in over 40 years to be nominated as Best Actress in a Comedy Musical.

Following the success, she recently published her memoir, Making a Scene, which covers her personal experiences.

Constance Wu with her boyfriend Ryan Kattner
Wu shares a private relationship with Ryan and two children with him. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Wu’s personal life is also a topic of interest for most fans.

In 2018, she dated Ben Hethcoat. However, she received criticism for dating him.

Despite keeping her current relationship away from the spotlight, she has a daughter with Ryan Kattner.

Further, Wu announced her second pregnancy through her Instagram story in 2023.

Fans can’t wait to see her family grow and constantly support her.

During her career, Wu has used her platform to speak up about sexual harassment, mental health and cyberbullying.

Constance Wu during an interview
Wu advocates for mental health and cyberbullying through her platform

The actress herself has been a victim of such situations and constantly helps others in the same place.

Moreover, Wu claimed to have attempted suicide due to huge criticism and hate from the internet.

Due to this, the actress laid low on social media for many years and decreased her workload to focus on her mental health.

Despite all the difficulties, fans all across the world love Wu for her amazing and natural performance on screen.

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