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Digga D Net Worth: How Much Riches Does The Rapper Have?

Rapper Digga D is on the rise, as his songs are breaking records, and his net worth is through the roof. Let’s find out how much net worth the British rapper Digga D holds.

Rhys Angelo Emile Herbert, famously known as rapper Digga D, was born in 2000 on June 29.

Although he started his career in the year 2017 with his UK drill collective CCM, he rose to fame after his song No Diet became viral in 2019.

After the success of No Diet, he released many other hit songs like Rover and No Hook.

He also owns a record label, Black Money Record (BMR), which is managed by the famous management company Ground Works.

All these achievements at such a young age have many of his fans wondering about the net worth of Rapper Digga D.

How Much Net Worth Does Digga D Holds In 2024?

The substantial net worth of Digga D comes from various sources such as songs, advertisements, and social media sites.

Various online reports suggest that rapper Digga D has around €1.5 million net worth as of January 2024.

While some are shocked by his vast net worth, others think it is justified with all the work he has been doing in recent years.

Digga D posing in white background
Double Tap Diaries and Made In The Pyrex are the famous albums of Digga D. (Source: Twitter)

Although we can’t know how each of his songs earns, we can estimate the value of his few hit songs.

His song Next Up was a worldwide hit, and it was all over the Internet as soon as he made the release.

Similarly, his other songs, like Energy and Us Against the World impacted the music scene.

Not only have these songs made it possible for Digga D to get a lot of recognition, but they have also made a considerable contribution to his net worth.

He also earns money through streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.

For example, rapper Digga D earns From 0.006 dollars to 0.0084 dollars when someone listens to his song once.

We can estimate how much he has earned from Spotify alone by looking at the numbers of his streams.

Digga D with long hair.
Digga D has a fantastic sense of fashion and gets many brand deals. (Source: Twitter)

His song Next Up has over 110,356,361 streams and his other song Energy has more than 30 million streams.

These are only the numbers of his most successful songs on Spotify alone.

Undoubtedly, he has been doing fine in these past years as his career has flourished.

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How Much Riches Does The Rapper Digga D Have? Tours, Collaborations, And Investments 

Apart from these streaming platforms, he is often busy with music tours.

His tours, like the Made In the Pirate and Rover tours, were a big success.

As an artist, when touring, often earns a significant sum of money as they interact with their fans and perform for them live.

The tours alone may have contributed to the net worth of rapper Digga D.

Digga D singing on the stage.
Digga D has a unique way of entertaining his fans whenever he is on stage. (Source: Twitter)

Other than his music, he also does various brand partnerships and collaborations.

As he is a famous personality, many brands want to work with him to promote their products.

He has collaborated with famous brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma.

These big companies are famous for paying vast sums of money to the celebrities they work with.

They, too, are responsible for increasing the net worth of rapper Digga D.

Not only does he get money from the collaborations, but he also gets to expand his reach.

Various reports suggest that he has also invested in some businesses to add more value to his net worth.

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