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Is Digger Manes Sick? Health & Illness Reports After Blood Disease

After the recent release of the 13th season of Moonshiner, fans worldwide have expressed growing concerns about the health of Digger Manes, following reports of him being sick.

Eric Digger Manes, an iconic figure in the moonshining realm, hails from the scenic hills of the Appalachian Mountains. 

Born in Newport, Tennessee, in 1974, Digger is not just a moonshiner but a living legend in the world of distilled spirits.

Moreover, he has also become a familiar face on the Discovery Channel’s acclaimed Moonshiner series.

However, the recent health problem of Digger Manes has made fans curious to know the aftermath of his being sick.

Is Digger Manes Sick? Health & Illness Reports After Blood Disease

The personal lives of celebrity and their health problems have always been a major topic among the netizens. 

This time it is the TV personality Digger Manes who has gained quite a lot of attention after the revelation of him being sick.

So let’s explore more about his health condition from the following article. 

Digger Manes captured holding a glass filled with alcohol.
The disease will not take the life of Digger Manes. (Source: Facebook)

Yes, Digger Manes from Moonshiner faces some health challenges, as revealed during the recent premiere of Moonshiner Season 13. 

It was disclosed Digger has been diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia(CCL), a type of blood disorder.

Meanwhile, this unexpected news surprised fans who were anticipating the usual moonshining-related content but were instead informed about Digger’s health condition.

Despite the distressing nature of the diagnosis, Digger took to Facebook to reassure concerned fans.

Further, he clarified that while CLL is not a terminal condition, it will still have a significant impact on his well-being. 

Digger Manes and Mark posing with hands in the pocket.
Digger Manes and Mark have remained in the cast of Moonshiner since 2014. (Source: Facebook)

Despite the challenges of being sick, Digger Manes maintained a positive attitude and expressed gratitude for the support from his fans. 

Following the disease, Digger is currently undergoing treatment and will soon embark on a journey to recovery.

Nevertheless, let’s hope he will recover soon and continue to share his passion for moonshining. 

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Details On Digger Manes’ Career And Achievements

Digger Manes has carved an illustrious career in the moonshining industry over four decades. 

Growing up alongside a father who owned a funeral home, Digger learned the art of embalming early. 

His journey in moonshining started in his early teenage years, inspired by moonshiners around his hometown.

Digger and Mark captured wearing dungarees laughing.
Digger and Mark’s partnership extends beyond the show. (Source: Facebook)

Meanwhile, he was mentored by the legendary Popcorn Sutton.

Furthermore, his career took a significant turn when he joined the cast of Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners during its 4th season.

He quickly gained recognition for his role in Moonshiners, becoming a household name in 2014.

Alongside his career partner Mike Ramsey, Digger showcased his expertise in crafting high-quality brews and wines in the show.

Beyond the television screen, Digger expanded his entrepreneurial endeavors by opening The Black Alley Grainery in 2018.

Moreover, collaborating with Mike Ramsey, the duo developed innovative techniques and unique products.

Together they developed products like Digger Manes Mark Ramsey’s Apple Rye Brandy and Mark & Digger’s Nut Rum.

Nevertheless, Digger’s commitment to the moonshining art has solidified his status as a respected figure in the industry.

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More About The Discovery’s Show Moonshiners

Moonshiners is a reality television series that first aired in 2011. 

Since then the show has become a popular series, showcasing the lives of individuals involved in the age-old tradition of moonshining. 

The poster of Moonshiners.
Moonshiners showcase the vulnerability of operating an illegal alcohol business. (Source: Facebook)

Moreover, the series provides viewers with an inside look into the world of illegal alcohol production.

It showcases the challenges, risks, and successes faced by various moonshiners throughout the process.

Meanwhile, the moonshiners featured on the show come from different regions of the United States. 

Likewise, each episode typically features a combination of storytelling, interviews, and footage of moonshiners at work. 

Viewers witness the entire process, from sourcing ingredients and constructing stills to distilling the alcohol and dealing with law enforcement. 

Moreover, the show delves into the personal lives of the moonshiners, exploring the impact of their profession on their daily lives.

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