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Why Did DJ Azex Commit Suicide? Is Akshay Kumar Girlfriend Jignasha Maharana Linked To His Death

Odisha-based DJ Azex, also known as Akshay Kumar, died on Saturday (18 March 2023). His family member found him hanging in his room.

The talented musician’s sudden death has sent a shockwave. The entire Odisha entertainment industry is mourning the loss of a talented musician.

Shortly after the news broke, authorities began an investigation to reveal the reason for DJ Azex’s suicide. Detectives have also questioned his girlfriend.

Read on till the end to learn more about the post-mortem report and the connection of his lover in the musician’s death.

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DJ Azex Suicide Reason

DJ Azex passed away on 18 March 2023. The DJ, who lived with his family in his Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, House, was found hanging in his room.

His family rushed him to Capital Hospital, where doctors declared him dead on arrival. As for why the young and talented DJ committed suicide, an investigation is going on to determine the reason. So, as of this writing, the reason for it is still a mystery.

DJ Azex Suicide
DJ Azex’s family member found him hanging in his room (Image Source: India Today)

The talented DJ was reportedly in his room when the city had a thunderstorm, stated one of his family members.

Around ten o’clock at night, Azex’s family noticed he had not left his room for a long time. So they called him.
But even after calling for a long time, the musician didn’t respond.

So, the family broke the door. The family was shocked when they discovered him hanging. DJ Azex’s family must still be in shock. Let’s hope they find strength during his devastating time.

Is Akshay Kumar Girlfriend Jignasha Maharana Linked To His Death?

According to the DJ’s best buddy, Rahul, Akshay Kumar’s girlfriend, Jignasha Maharana, allegedly had a relationship with another man, and they were blackmailing the DJ.

Rahul said Azex had been under mental pressure due to his girlfriend for 15 days. “He had paid Rs 15,000 to his girlfriend,” Rahul added.

DJ Azex Suicide
The late DJ Azex’s girlfriend allegedly blackmailed him. (Image Source: Kalinga TV)

He also disclosed that the late DJ intended to purchase a Scotty for his girlfriend, Jignasha Maharana.

In response to a written complaint from Azex’s mother, the Kharabela Nagar Police have started an investigation into the situation.

As reported by Indian Today, Police filed a case under sections 306 (abetting suicide) and 34 (common intention) of the Indian Criminal Code.

The detective also questioned DJ Azex’s girlfriend. Officers summoned Jignasha Maharana and her friend to the Police station to give a statement on 20 March 2023.

The late musician’s family has demanded a comprehensive investigation. All of DJ Azex’s mobile devices have been seized by the Police.

DJ Azex Post-Mortem/Autopsy Report Revealed

DJ Azex’s post-mortem/autopsy reporter was made public on Tuesday (21 March 2023).

The report disclosed that Azex died of asphyxiation/suffocation. DJ Azex committed suicide, and it was antemortem in nature. Ligature marks are also included in the report.

Yet, circumstantial evidence can demonstrate whether it is a suicide aid, according to Dr. Laxmidhar Sahoo, the Capital Hospital’s director.

Police claimed that there was no suspicious material. Still, a sample has been sent for additional analysis, added Dr. Sahoo.

Moreover, the musician’s family claimed there was a power cut during a thunderstorm on the night he died. They believe Azex and her friend are the main conspirators behind the tragic incident.

Meanwhile, Azex’s girlfriend and her friend have been silent. The investigation is still going on. Let’s hope justice will be served soon in the coming days.

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