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Does Antonio Conte Wear A Wig? Is Tottenham Hotspur Head Coach Hair Loss Linked To Alopecia?

After Antonio Conte suddenly got healthy and thicker hair, people were curious whether Antonio Conte was wearing a Wig. Let us know the secrets behind sudden hair transformation from blad to long shiny hair. 

Antonio Conte is a former Italian football player and manager. He became famous for his superb skill on the field during his decrepitude at Juventus, where he played as a midfielder.

As Captain, Conte allured Juventus to win the UEFA Champions League, five Serie A titles, the ’96 UEFA Super Cup, and many more.

In FIFA World Cup 1994, He also played for Italy’s national football team. In 2000 he played UEFA Euro and many more. 

However, he has conquered appreciable success as a football manager since 2006, serving Siena, Bari, and the Italian national team.

Moreover, during his days as a midfielder, the deliberation focused on more than just his incredible talent. Lamentably, he was photographed with multiple hair loss in the ’90s, despite only being in his twenties.

Does Antonio Conte Wear A Wig?

After a few years of Antonio’s hair loss becoming the talk of the town, in 2000, he was seen with healthy, dense hair. The public was suspicious if Conte was wearing a wig.

However, the rumors were turned down as Conte revealed that he underwent three hair transplants in the past 20 years. 

Antonio Conte wig
Antonio Conte before and after Hair Transplan (Source: Wimpole)

In 2000, Antonio Conte underwent his first hair transplant. His hair was seen as thicker and healthier during UEFA European Football Championship.

Unfortunately, Conte’s first transplant didn’t last long. Antonio Conte had his first two hair transplants in his native Italy. However, he found the long-term results notably less astonishing than he expected.

Moreover, later he proceeds to Canada for a hair transplant at a hair clinic in Vancouver. Fortunately, this brought the lasting hair-mending Conte hoped for.

Conte’s first two transplants were performed using the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) technique. It is one of the two hair transplant technologies available, along with FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).

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Is Tottenham Hotspur Head Coach Hair Loss Linked To Alopecia?

During his playing career, Conte discovered he had androgenetic Alopecia, a medical condition more commonly known as male pattern baldness, when away with the Italian national team.

Androgenic Alopecia, also known as Male Pattern Blading, is a condition in which Age-related hair loss in men tends to be caused.

Moreover, It is caused by a genetic predisposition. Androgenetic Alopecia causes testosterone to be converted into a secondary chemical that attacks the hair follicles on the scalp.

 Antonio Conte Wig
Tottenham press conference: Antonio Conte on Rodrigo Bentancur, Kane, Emerson, and victory (Source- Football. London)

The hair attached to these follicles then falls out, resulting in a receding hairline or bald patches, particularly around the crown.

However, This condition allows the hair to diminish along the top of the scalp. It’s pivotal to let the hair loss run its course before opting for a transplant, as embedded inches may fall out over time.

Antonio Conte Latest Update

Antonio Conte is one of the most talented football managers in the world and has held managerial positions with some of the top clubs in Italy and England.

Antonio Conte Tottenham joined Tottenham in November 2022 after a successful stint with Inter Milan, ultimately ending Juventus’ dominance.

In Addition, He signed a contract to remain with the club until June 2023. He was speculative about his stay at the club when the season ended, especially after the team’s defeat to Burnley in February 2022.

However, the star manager agreed to stay in the club after meeting Fabio Paratici. 

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