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Does Dylan In Casualty Wear A Wig? Hair Real Or Fake

There have been various speculations over Casualty’s Dylan Keogh’s hair on social media and the web. Does Dylan In Casualty wear a wig? 

William Beck portrays the fictional character Dylan Keogh in the BBC medical drama Casualty. He debuted in “Only Human,” the twenty-fifth episode of the series aired on March 12, 2011.

The new character, Beck, replaced Ruth Winters (Georgia Taylor), a colleague and emergency medicine physician.

Before becoming an actor, Beck briefly attended medical school; therefore, he thought the part was a good fit for him.

In the drama, Dylan works in the emergency room at Holby City Hospital as a consultant in emergency medicine.

William Beck Hair Real Or Fake: Does Dylan In Casualty Wear A Wig?

The actor William Beck has worn a variety of hairstyles in the past. However, the Welsh-born actor is best renowned for his stunning appearance and endearing personality.

Rumors and conjectures regarding the actor’s haircut are frequently discussed in tabloids and celebrity magazines.

Does Dylan In Casualty Wear A Wig
William Beck has had a different hairstyle portraying Dylan Keogh in Casualty. (Image Source: The Sun)

Fans believe that William wears a wig while portraying the character of Dylan in Casualty. The people are not convinced that it is his own hair.

However, the actor has never opened up about his hair as Dylan to the media or the public. So, we can speculate that the actor doesn’t wear a wig; his hair is real.

However, he may have worn a wig multiple times, while not portraying Dylan, for his privacy and to keep the public’s attention off of him.

Saying that no such incident has unfolded in the news. Therefore, we can say that Beck is pretty good at disguising himself from other people.  

Dylan Keogh Wife: Is The Fictional Character Married In Casualty?

Yes, the fictional character portrayed by William Beck had a wife in the BBC drama, Casualty. Sam Nicholls, Dylan’s estranged wife, was first introduced to the ED in late 2011.

Charlotte Salt portrayed Dylan’s estranged wife. English actress Charlotte Salt is best recognized for playing various characters in American and British television programs like The Musketeers, Bedlam, and Casualty. 

Dylan Keogh wife
Dylan Keogh and his wife, Sam Nicholls, are no more together in the BBC Drama. (Source: Daily Express)

Dylan and Sam had a problematic marriage, which gets even worse when Sam files for divorce and starts to interfere with their ability to do their jobs.

Dylan hoped they would get back together until he discovered Sam was seeing Oliver Coleman’s Tom Kent.

After having trouble surrounding Sam, whom he still loves, the character left the program in late 2012. Two years later, Beck returned to the role in 2014 and was excited to portray Dylan again.

Dylan temporarily assumes the role of acting clinical lead and attempts to raise standards in the ED, but he finds the position’s responsibilities difficult.

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Dylan Keogh Personal Life And Family

Dylan grew up in a chaotic household. His mother was typically present just when Dylan needed her because his mother worked as a multi-drop driver and was frequently away from home.

Dylan and his mother had developed a strong mother-son relationship. Bullies targeted Dylan throughout school, but his high school was a little more laid back and calm.

The fictional character had troubles at home as he realized that his father was an alcoholic who would have preferred to spend his money in the neighborhood bar rather than on his son.

One day after school, he came home and saw his father engaging in sexual intercourse with a woman other than his mother on the couch in the living room while his mother was out shopping. Dylan’s father gave him the instruction to keep quiet around anyone. 

After hearing from his father that he was not allowed to speak to anyone about what he had seen, Dylan grew a little more distant from his mother. Dylan perceived it as a betrayal.

After telling Dylan that he didn’t belong in the family and that he was a freak and an outsider not long after, Brian, the fictional character’s father, decided to have his kid placed for adoption.

After that, Dylan withdrew from everyone he could avoid, and his academic performance started to deteriorate, which attracted the attention of his head teacher.

Dylan was then placed in the foster care system. However, the fictional character from Casualty detested the medical care system.

Since Dylan was placed in foster care at the age of 10, he has stopped speaking with his mother. And, though he knew he couldn’t, he always yearned to return home to his mother. 

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