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Does The Youtuber Swoop Wear A Wig? Mystery Revealed!

The popular YouTuber Swoop has always been in talks for her amazing content on YouTube, and recently, fans have been curious to know if she wear a wig or if it is her natural hair.

Born on November 5, 1993, Swoop is a versatile content creator with more than 600,000 subscribers on her YouTube.

She is highly recognized for sharing YouTube content related to beauty, fashion, DIY, and lifestyle videos on her YouTube channel.

Despite being famous, her real name remains a mystery to her followers.

Since she preferred using Spankie Valentine as her name, netizens believe that could be her actual name.

Not only a YouTuber, Spankie is also a filmmaker and recording artist. In 2021, she received an honorary creator award at the Streamy Awards, given to her by Bailey Sarian.

Being a beauty influencer, people talk highly about her looks, but recently, her hair has been the talk of the town.

Does Swoop Wear A Wig? The Truth!

Swoop’s followers have always admired her naturally long and curly hair. Nevertheless, the buzz about Swoop wearing a wig is getting viral.

In the beauty industry, it has been normalized to wear a wig for a change of look.

Swoop in purple hair not a wig
Swoop flaunting her beautiful curly hair. (Source: Instagram)

So, it is common to see any fashion influencer like Swoop wear a wig or have hair extensions.

But Swoop has revealed that she has naturally gorgeous hair, and we can see her flaunting her natural hair on videos.

She had even shared her hair care routine on her YouTube channel.

Clearly, Swoop is not wearing a wig, but it is her naturally beautiful hair that seems unreal.

Additionally, we can see her using hashtags on Instagram like natural hair and long hair, inspiring people to flaunt their natural beauty.

However, it is true that Swoop wears a wig, as she is spotted wearing wigs for her photoshoots.

Swoop in straight hair during photoshoot.
It is not uncommon for celebrities to wear a wig, so she might also be wearing one. (Source: Instagram)

She has not widely talked about wearing a wig but with her pictures on social media, it’s obvious she sometimes wears a wig.

Since she wears a wig for professional purposes only, fans should not criticize her for that.

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The Mystery Behind Swoops Shiny Hair!

With the advancement in technology, it is so hard to differentiate between real hair and fake hair these days.

Moreover, celebrities’ and influencers’ pictures look so perfect with photoshops that fans no longer believe in their natural beauty.

With that being said, Spankie Valentine, aka Swoop is also in the controversy for faking her hair.

picture of Swoop in a wig with her cat
Swoop originally registered for her YouTube channel with the username of URBANOGcom. (Source: Instagram)

People have made accusation like Swoop wear a wig and her hair does not look good in real life.

But this is not completely true! Swoop does wear a wig, but that does not mean she has not beautiful hair.

Unlike other influencers, Spankie Valentine is not faking about her nourished hair.

She does have naturally gorgeous and healthy hair, which she talks highly about.

Further, the mystery behind her shiny hair is not always the wigs, but it’s her genetics as well as her haircare routine.

Swoop in yellow wig
Swoop looks gorgeous and can pull off almost every hairstyle. (Source: Instagram )

Swoop follows a strict haircare routine in order to maintain nourished hair, and she has also shared this through her channel.

So, fans should definitely appreciate Swoop for being honest about getting a wig to wear.

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