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Dominique Nugent Engaged Her Boyfriend Paddy: When Are They Getting Married? 

Dominique Nugent engaged news flowed through every internet media on August 2022, and now she plans for her wedding as she expresses her dream venue. 

Dominique Nugent is a Dublin-based Irish fashion and beauty influencer who simultaneously runs her family’s business, Kingsbury Furniture, and creates popular internet content.

The 32-year-old has a sizable fan base (127k followers) on Instagram, where she frequently updates her profile with information about her most recent projects, beauty looks, and travels.

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Dominique is a busy woman between her job and keeping her fans informed about everything else, but she always looks glamorous.

We had a quick (virtual) coffee date with the influencer to learn about her beauty routine, how she likes to unwind and to discuss her hair, which she considers her “best feature.”

Dominique Nugent Engaged Her Boyfriend Paddy: When Are They Getting Married? 

Dominique Nugent’s response to her proposal was astounding. She affirms that she was unaware of its impending arrival. “I lacked preparation.

In no way. It took him four months before he.” However, Dominique remains unfazed by all the plans and is as calm as a cucumber.

“We’ve secured all the major components, including a band and a location. But I have reserved only major events; I haven’t even looked for my dress.

I haven’t gone shopping,” she chuckles. She popped the question. So, after a year and a half, I wasn’t anticipating a proposal,” she chuckles as we catch up at the Hayu STELLAR InstaStar Awards.

Dominique Nugent Engaged
Dominique Nugent With Her Fiance (Source: Instagram)

The blogger’s boyfriend proposed to her when they were on vacation in August, getting down on one knee.

She also acknowledges that they have already begun arranging their wedding, so they are not hanging around.

She quickly realized that this was her ideal location, but it also meant that she and Paddy would have to plan their wedding in just nine months. A June wedding had always been her perfect wedding.

And although other brides might find the concept intimidating, Dominique does not!

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“We questioned the value of waiting. Because we wanted to finish it in time for summer and didn’t want to wait a whole extra year, we planned to spend it in 10 months.

She acknowledges: “Paddy has a large family, which adds to the burden of wedding planning. For those from Dublin, it’s a big wedding even though it’s not a large wedding in Cork. He has a sizable family.

Dominique Nugent Relationships Explored 

Dominique Nugent was ensconced with Damien Quirke and dating him. But their nuptials were postponed, and they were left alone.

In addition, Dominique and Damien became preoccupied in 2018 despite their plans to wed on September 5, 2020. Nugent was quite happy with how things were going after an inspiring event, and she frequently posted about being the lady to be.

However, things went differently than planned. Nugent learned that she had been secluded when her wedding was initially planned, as the wedding day was postponed due to COVID.

The design force to be reckoned with and her former accomplice have not been seen together since then.

Dominique Nugent is dating a new man whose character is still developing.

Dominique Nugent Engaged
Dominique Nugent (Source: Instagram)

This issue was raised when the powerhouse sent images to her new sweetheart, at least till further notice. Surprisingly, Dominique’s new love interest is not just another face.

Along with the photos of them now, Nugent also found the ones taken nine years ago. In addition, she mentioned that they had been together for roughly nine years before parting ways.

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However, she told her new boyfriend how inspired and cherished she felt at the gathering. In any case, she tried to keep her new man’s name and background a secret.

Despite this, her admirers are happy for her because she did find love after entirely ending her previous relationship.



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