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Don Cheadle Cancer: Lupus Illness And Health 2023

Don Cheadle Cancer news is escalating amidst social media, so many fans are concerned about the health update of the American actor.

Donald Frank “Don” Cheadle, Jr., 58, is an American film and television actor renowned for his role as James Rhodes, aka War Machine, in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

He is a versatile actor who has received multiple major Hollywood awards. He owns two Grammy and Golden Globe Awards, a Tony Award, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Apart from his acting career, Cheadle is also a producer, director, screenwriter, author, and even singer. Further, he advocates for social, political, and environmental issues and is an active philanthropist.

So he often makes headlines with his philanthropic endeavors, but this time around, the actor is grabbing the attention of his fans worldwide for his illness.

Don Cheadle Cancer: MCU Star Illness And Health 2023

The internet is packed with news of Don Cheadle Cancer, the actor who recently tied the knot with his 28 years long girlfriend, and netizens are concerned about his illness.

But no official news is available yet confirming if Don Cheadle is actually battling Cancer.

Further, neither the actor himself nor his family and friends have released any information about the actor getting sick or having any health issues.

Thus, the news could be entirely a baseless rumor to grab the attention of innocent, caring fans.

don cheadle aka rhodey during secret invasion premiere
Marvel Studios uploaded a video and picture of Don Cheadle interacting with fans on the Secret Invasion premiere. (Source: Twitter)

Also, after losing one of the Hollywood megastars, Chadwick Boseman, to Cancer, MCU fans are more cautious when their favorite actors’ name gets linked to Cancer, for instance, Don Cheadle Cancer. So, it could be just a publicity stunt only.

Nevertheless, Don Cheadle has yet to address his health-related issues.

Hence, we can believe that he has not fallen sick or, at least, has not gotten Cancer. Fingers Crossed!

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Don Cheadle Lupus Illness And Health Update

As we all know, Don Cheadle is a philanthropist actively advocating for Lupus awareness.

He has helped to raise money for the Lupus Foundation of America. In the year 2015, he attended the Get Lucky for Lupus LA Celebrity poker tournament to help raise money.

So, you can understand why the actor’s name often comes along with Lupus.

Besides that, the actor starred in the recent MCU series Secret Invasion alongside other stars Samuel L. Jackson, Emilia Clarke, and Olivia Colman.

During the show’s premieres and promotions, we could see Don Cheadle all healthy. So, let us hope he is fit and fine with no health issues whatsoever.

Instead, Don is actively promoting awareness of other illnesses like Alzheimer’s on Brain Awareness Month.

He quotes, “We all have our own “why” behind what drives us to raise Alzheimer’s awareness, but our ultimate goal is the same — to #ENDALZ.”

don cheadle cancer with his wife Bridgid Coulter
Don Cheadle married Bridgid Coulter after 28 years together in 2021. (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, Don Cheadle is active on his social media, like Twitter and Instagram. So, if there were anything we fans needed to be aware of, like Don Cheadle Cancer, he would have already made it clear.

In addition, it is also very unclear the origin of the rumor. There is no solid source or evidence to support the rumor.

Hence, until and unless the star or his close ones confirms this Don Cheadle Cancer story, sit tight and enjoy his works.

A word of advice does not run behind any rumors until and unless it is from a verified or trustworthy source with full evidence.

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