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Donald Trump Net Worth : Private Jets & Houses

Former president of United States of America, business tycoon, and media personality Donald John Trump has a net worth of $2 Billion as of May, 2024.

Multi-billionaire, reality TV star, and real estate developer has been praised with numerous awards and recognition. 


Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Trump’s initial political career was renowned as he set the bars for excellence while diversifying his interests. 

He held, operated, and licensed his name to several establishments. 

During the 1970s and 1980s, he was the one to expand his father’s business by investing in multiple sectors. 

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump’s net worth was doubted by experts.

Quick Facts

Full Name   Donald John Trump  
Nick Names  The Trumpster,  Teflon Don, President Tweety, Agent Orange, Mr. Brexit, Donald Drumpf, President Plump, Cadet Bone Spurs, Literally Hitler, etc.
Net Worth  $2 Billion 
Birthdate  June 14, 1946 
Birth sign  Gemini 
Country of origin  United States of America, Newyork 
Religion  Anglican/ Episcopalian 
Ethnicity  German, Scottish 
Nationality  American 
Education  Bachelor of Science degree in Economics (University of Pennsylvania) 
Father’s Name  Fred Trump 
Mother’s Name  Mary Trump 
Sibling  4 siblings (2 brothers and 2 sisters) 
Age  77 Years Old 
Height  6’3″ inches (1.91 m)
Weight  244 pounds  
Skin Tone  Gold Flame 
Hair Colour  Yellow-Ish brown 
Eye Colour  Blue 
Beard or Moustache  None 
Feet/ Shoe size  12 US 
Sexual Orientation  Straight 
Marriage  Married 
Spouse  Melania Trump (22 January 2005- present) 
 Ex-partner 2 Marla Maples (19 December 1993- 8 June 1999)- divorced. 
 Ex-partner 3 Ivana Trump (9 April 1977- 22 March 1992)- divorced 
Children  2 daughters and 3 sons 
Profession  Entrepreneur, Businessperson, Writer, Investor, TV Personality, Television producer, Film Producer, Actor, Economist, Real estate entrepreneur 
Salary  $2,1100 as pension and surplus monetary benefit 
Title/ Office  President of the United States (2017-2021) 
Political Affiliation  Republican Party 
Awards and Recognition  Humanitarian, Tree of Life, Ellis Island Medal of Honor, Gaming Hall of Fame, Unicorn Children’s Foundation Shining Star Award, Presidential Hero Award, Ig Nobel Prize, Time 100 Most Influential People in the World, and many more awards 
Favorite Actor  Jack Nicholson 
Favorite Movie  Titanic  
Social Media  Instagram 
Last Update   May, 2024

Income And Net Worth 

Donald Trump has been able to amass a net worth of $2 billion with the ownership of multiple establishments worldwide.

Before being the President of America, he owned The Trump Organization, a real estate and licensing juggernaut. 

The Trump Organization has a global portfolio of business and residential buildings. 

It includes golf courses in the United States, Ireland, and Scotland. 

He has gained thousands of monetary benefits by licensing his brand to a variety of products since 2000. 

He made just about $48 million in his peak year of 2005. 

NBC paid Donald $197.3 million in Apprentice revenues between 2000 and 2018. 

Presidential Income 

He was entitled to a salary of $400,000 each year as a President of the United States. 

However, except for $1, he donates his entire paycheck to charity. 

With that, after retirement, he still gets $211,000 as a pension per year. 

In addition, he is entitled to travel expense reimbursements of up to $1 million per year.

Moreover, Secret Service for life, $150,000 in staff expenditures, and an office space refund. 

Cars, House, Aircraft, Yacht, And Watch


Trump has always been fascinated by automobiles. 

Donald Trump with his Rolls Royce
Donald Trump with his Rolls Royce

He is an admirer of Rolls-Royce, owned by BMW based in the United Kingdom, and has owned several models. 

Donald Trump on his Lamborghini
Donald Trump on his Lamborghini

Before, he used to own a 1997 Lamborghini Diablo that he sold for $460,000. 

 Donald has acquired various models throughout the years.

It includes the Mercedes-Benz Maybach limousine and the more contemporary S600 sedan. 

The Trump Executive Series is a pair of special edition Cadillac limousines named after him. 

His pick of a Tesla Roadster sports car is more interesting.


Donald has a lot of property since he has been involved in building real estate. 

Trump and his family reside in the upscale Queens enclave of Jamaica Estates. 

Donald Trumps House
Donald Trumps House

During his presidency, Donald Trump lived in the White House, the presidential house in Washington, D.C. 

Until September 2019, Trump’s primary apartment was the three-story penthouse of Trump Tower until he moved to Mar-a-Lago. 

If the penthouse is ever to be put on the market, real estate studies predict that it would fetch a minimum of $100 million.

The 11,000 sq. ft, apartment was valued at $64 million in 2017. 

He also owns a 28,322-square-foot house. 

Trump's Mansion
Trump’s Mansion

Similarly, Donald constructed the 38-story Trump Parc luxury building at 106 Central Park South.


Donald Trump is noted for his larger-than-life personality, reflected by his airplane, including a huge airliner, a corporate jet, and two helicopters. 

The largest is a Boeing 757-200 with “Trump” spelled out on a golden letter and a four-story tall scarlet “T” tip. 

Donald John Trump's Boeing 757-200
Donald John Trump’s Boeing 757-200

The aircraft can carry as many as 228 passengers in a commercial arrangement if filled with economy seats, although this plane is far from “economy.” 

Trump also has a corporate jet, a Cessna Citation X. 

He also owns two Sikorsky S-76B helicopters, one from 1989 and the other from 1992. 

Donald used to run an airline with 17 planes, so four airliners is a significant reduction. 


The billionaire has a long history with watches.

Having collected famous watches at auctions, received watches as gifts, and even started his personal quartz watch company. 

Donald John Trump with his watch
Donald John Trump with his watch

Donald established his personal quartz watch series, the Donald J. Trump Signature Collection, in 2005. 

In the first year, Trump developed twenty versions, which were marketed only at Macy’s. 

Sadly, for Trump, the business flopped after the first year. 

Trump has yet to be caught wearing one of his own watches; instead, he favors watches from well-known brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe. 


Donald Trump paid $29 million for the Sultan of Brunei’s boat in 1998. 

The yacht was renamed the Trump Princess by Trump. 

A sun deck pool, a sauna, a cinema, an elevator, a nightclub, and even a medical facility are just a few of the luxuries equipped on the yacht.

Trump's Princess Yacht
Trump’s Princess Yacht

On Newsday in 1989, Trump declared that he would construct Trump Princess II after Donald did the refurbishment. 

He stated that it would be far larger than Trump Princess, with at least 400 feet.

In 1991, the Trump Princess was sold for $19 million to Prince Al-Waleed, titled the ‘Kingdom 5KR.’ 

Lifestyle And Vacations


Mr. Trump possesses a lavish lifestyle which can be seen through his spending on expensive stuff. 

Living in a penthouse tower bordered by obvious wealth symbols such as pure gold, precious marble, and sparkling chandeliers suspended from unrealistically high ceilings. 

Not only that, his spending includes $70,000 spent on his hair, $100,000 spent on the dining table, and silverware alone. 

Likewise, $200,000 was spent on landscaping.  


Trump is fascinated with traveling, which can be overseen from his traveling expense. 

He exploited the conception of “working vacations” to legitimize most of his visits over most of his administration. 

His expenses for vacations to Florida totaled $81 million. 

 $17 million spent on travels to New Jersey. 

 Two days in Scotland in 2018 cost at least $3 million. 

 $1 million for a tour to his Los Angeles resort. 


The Trump Foundation was transformed into a charity mediator by Trump.  

Rather than providing money himself, he enlisted the help of individuals and businesses he had a history with. 

Or assisted in some way, then utilized the funds to write checks in the Trump Foundation’s name. 

He often donates his salary to the needed sector. 

In 2020, He donated towards repair and restored national monuments, health, and human services and donated meals to hospitals during the crisis.    

Media, Investments, Endorsements And Book Publications


From 2004 to 2015, Donald Trump developed reality TV shows, The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice. 

Since the 1980s, he has made many cameo appearances in films, television shows, and commercials. 

At the 11th Golden Raspberry Awards, he was named Worst Supporting Actor, and at the 39th Golden Raspberry Awards, he was named Worst Actor. 


Donald Trump has created horizons of upliftment financially through his investments and business purposes. 

Trump’s businesses generated at least $446.3 million in revenue in 2019. 

With $77.2 million in income, the Trump National Doral golf resort was the most profitable amongst his businesses. 

Likewise, is Top 5 businesses include

Trump Old Post Office LLB, Trump Turn berry, Trump National Doral, Trump Ruffin Tower LLC, and Mar-a-Lago Club. 

Dividends, capital gains, and compounding carried interest are all income and cash flow sources for his investment portfolio. 

He has put on at least $70 million into stocks. 


Ballotpedia tracked 305 endorsements during Trump’s presidency, which lasted from 2017 to 2021. 

After Trump departed from his office, 19 more endorsements were counted, bringing the total number of endorsements to 324. 

Official remarks, attendance at campaign rallies, and direct intervention in campaign commercials and materials are all examples of his taken endorsements.  

Book Publications

Trump has been engaged in writing books too.

His books are worth the knowledge for the self-help and monetary sector. 

His best-selling books include The Art of Deal, How to fix our crippled America, How I turned my biggest challenge into Success, and  Think Like a Champion; An Informal Education in Business and Life. 

In addition, Why We Want you to be Rich: Two Men one message, Time to Get Tough, etc., are also written by Donald John Trump. 

Moreover, Surviving At the Top, The Way to Success, The Art of the Comeback, How to get Rich are some of the legendary books written by him. 


Donald Trump, a person who is vivacious, forceful, and multi-talented. 

 Trump’s fortunes grew during the postwar real estate boom in the 1950s. 

His educational venture from Wharton School of Finance New York Military Academy was a step ahead of his career. 

With that, he gained the discipline of the school, which progressively channeled his mindset. 

Trump worked for his father’s real estate firm over the summers during his undergraduate years. 

He went into real estate after his father, bringing his bigger goals to the family firm. 

Trump’s businesses include the Trump Organization, Trump Tower, Atlantic City casinos, and television shows.

It also includes The Apprentice and Miss Universe. 

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Amazing Facts About Donald Trump

  • Surprisingly, Trump is a nonsmoker and does not consume alcoholic beverages.
  • He was a student at the New York Military Academy.
  • Although Trump has never gone bankrupt personally, he has gone bankrupt six times for his company assets between 1991 and 2009. 


What is the purpose of donaldjtrumpfoundation.com? 

donaldjtrumpfoundation.com is responsible for charitable works.

What was the largest donation to Central Park Conservancy? 

$17  Million by Mr. Gilder in the year 1993.




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