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Donna Kelce Parents And Family: Where Does She Live Now?

The mother of two Super Bowl 2023 athletes, Travis and Jason, has been making headlines since her sons faced each other, and people want to know more about Donna Kelce, including her parents.

Donna Kelce is best known as the mother of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce.

She grew up in Cleaveland, Ohio, with her parents and her younger brother Don.

Back in the day, Donna Kelch was a successful track and field athlete.

Furthermore, she is often in the stands, supporting her boys despite them playing for different teams.

Now, fans around the world want a sneak inside the life of Donna Kelce, including details about her family and parents.

Donna Kelce Parents And Family: Where Does She Live Now?

Donna Kelce has made sure to show her equal support for her sons along with her ex-husband, Ed Kelce.

However, this was not the case with the parents of Donna Kelce when she was in the fields.

Donna’s father was Donald Roy Blalock, who worked all his life in Ohio.

According to Donna in the latest podcast, her father was a narcissist and even had a criminal record.

Donna Kelce wears a split jersey
Donna was interested in the track field at a young age. (Source: Twitter)

At the time, authorities charged Donna’s father with treason in 1981.

According to CIA reports, Blalock received stolen engineering drawings from Cast Equipment.

Due to this, people called Donna’s father a Russian spy; however, this is not true.

Later, his then-wife, Zoya, posted a $5,000 bond to secure his release.

However, after the death of one of her parents, Donna Kelce’s father stopped her from playing track.

Kelce boys parents, Donna and Ed
Donna has a healthy relationship with her ex-husband Ed. (Source: Twitter)

However, it was her stepmother, Ian Mary Petranek, who picked up the pieces and got both Donna and Don back on track.

Further, with the support and guidance of Mary, Donna competed at the Junior Olympics in track and field and won.

Likewise, Donna became the first in her family to graduate college, all thanks to her stepmother.

After earning a degree from Ohio University, Donna pursued a 30-year career in banking.

Currently, Donna Kelce lives in Orlando, Florida, as a proud parent of her Super Bowl boys.

Donna Kelce Marriage: Proud Parents Of NFL Stars

Donna Kelce was with Ed Kelce for 25 years before their split following their son’s graduation.

While the divorce presented a hardship for the Kelce family, Donna looks back on her marriage to Ed fondly.

Ed had a very successful career in the steel industry and even brought his sons to work occasionally.

Travis and Jason Kelce wearing a green shirt
Travis and Jason have a podcast where they talk about various topics. (Source: Instagram)

Further, Donna has no ill will towards the boys’ father and considers him a very important person in her life.

The couple welcomed Jason and Travis in their life exactly 23 months apart, with Jason being the elder one, and it has never been a dull moment in the Kelce household since then.

Moreover, many fans argue that Jason is similar to his dad in terms of tone, mannerisms, and speech.

In addition, Ed relocated to Philadelphia to be closer to his wife and their kids.

Both Donna Kelce and Ed Kelce are supportive parents as they travel miles to attend matches with their son.

Travis and Jason Kelce hugging each other
Both the Kelce boys have their parents’ support from the stands. (Source: Instagram)

In 2017, when her sons competed against each other, Donna wore a specially created jersey that was split equally between the Eagles and the Chiefs.

During a New Heights podcast back in February, Donna talked about her sons,

I want both of you guys to get into the Super Bowl. Basically, what I really wanted is just pure joy

As one of the prominent NFL mothers, Donna Kelce has even participated in many television debates.

Fans worldwide love the Kelce brothers for their dedication and hard work in the sport.

Furthermore, with such a successful NFL journey, both Jason and Travis are set to take the sports world into their own hands.

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