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Doug Tompkins Wife: Susie And Kris Tompkins, 2 Children

Doug Tompkins was married twice and was the father of two childrens. Let’s know everything about Doug Tompkins wife; Susie, and Kris Tompkins. 

Douglas Tompkins was an American businessman and conservationist. He was also the outdoorsman, philanthropist, filmmaker, and agriculturalist who founded The North Face Inc. 

Tompkins also co-founded Esprit and various environmental groups. At the beginning of his career, Douglas and his wife, Susie Tompkins Buell, co-founded and ran two companies. 

The couple divorced in 1989, and Tompkins started contributing to environmental and land conservation causes. 

Throughout his professional career, the late businessman also received multiple awards, including New Species Award, Good Steward Award and David R. Brower Award. 

Doug Tompkins Wife: Susie And Kris Tompkins

The late American businessman Douglas Tompkins married twice in his life. In 1964, he married his first wife, Susie Tompkins, with whom he founded two companies and ran together until their divorce.

The couple met when Susie picked him up while he was hitchhiking. While talking about Susie, she is an America-based businesswoman and entrepreneur. 

Susie is also known for her close relationship with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Besides, she is also recognized for her status as a Democratic Party mega-donor.

She co-founded the Plain Jane clothing label and Tompkins Buell and Jane Tise.

Doug Tompkins Wife
Doug Tompkins with his wife, Susie Tompkins. (Source: Rock And Ice)

Then, Doug married Kris Tompkins in 1993. Kris is the president and co-founder of Tompkins Conservation. Further, she was also the former CEO of Patagonia, Inc.

Kris has contributed a lot to the works, like creating national parks and protecting and restoring Chile and Argentina’s wild beauty and biodiversity.

She has dedicated her life to restoring wildlife, inspiring activism, and fostering economic vitality.

Since 1993, after retiring from Patagonia, Inc, Kris and Douglas departed from their career as business leaders and devoted their time and money to mitigating the climate. 

Meet Doug Tompkins Children- Summer Tompkins Walker And Quincey Tompkins Imhoff

Douglas Tompkins was the father of two children, Summer Tompkins Walker and Quincey Tompkins Imhoff. Douglas and his first wife, Susie, were the parents of both the kids. 

Doug had no kids with his second wife, Kris, although the couple had been married for over two decades. So, talking about his kids, Summer owns Walker Valentine. The company was founded in 2009.

Summer is married to Brooks Walker III, and the couple has three kids. Talking about her education, she attended UC Berkeley. 

Doug Tompkins
Doug Tompkins with his daughter, Quincey Tompkins. (Source: The Press Democrat)

Quincey Tompkins Imhoff is a Healdsburg photographer and ecologist. Further, Quincey is married to Dan Imhoff. 

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Douglas Tompkins Net Worth In 2024

Douglas Tompkins was a successful businessman and spent half his career in the American business vocation. 

While talking about Tompkins’s net worth, Doug had a massive fortune when he was still alive.

Doug Tompkins
Doug Tompkins founded The North Face Inc and more companies. (Source: Fortune)

Furthermore, many sources claim that he had a net worth of over $200 million at one point. Undoubtedly, Tompkins made most of his earnings from his professional career. 

After leaving his business career, he spent all his time and funds taking up environmental causes and established the Foundation of Deep Ecology in 1990 with Jerry Mander.

Sadly, Tompkins died at 72 leaving behind his wife, childrens and grand childrens. He died in a kayaking accident in the Patagonia region of southern Chile. Five other persons were involved in the accident. 

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