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Is Dove Cameron Related To Kirk Cameron? Are They Brother-Sister? Family Ethnicity

Dove Cameron and Kirk Cameron share the same last name and come from the same professional background. Hence, many people ask is Dove Cameron related to Kirk Cameron.

Dove Cameron and Kirk Cameron are probably two talented names that need no introduction in the entertainment sector. Both of them are established and successful in their own ways.

Dove Cameron is an American actress and singer.

She is well known for her roles in the Disney Channel series “Liv and Maddie” and the Disney Channel Original Movie “Descendants,” where she played the dual roles of Mal, the daughter of Maleficent, and Maleficent’s human daughter, Mal.

On the other hand, Kirk Cameron is an American actor, director, and Christian evangelist. 

Krik is best known for his role as Mike Seaver on the popular 1980s sitcom “Growing Pains.” He has also appeared in several other TV shows and movies, including “Left Behind” and “Fireproof.”

Since the two Hollywood personalities share their name, last name, and professional background, many wonders if they are brother-sister. Let’s explore if Dove and Kirk are related to one another.

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Is Dove Cameron Related To Kirk Cameron? Are They Brother-Sister?

Dove Cameron is not related to Kirk Cameron. Despite sharing a last name and both being actors, they are not related to each other.

Kirk Cameron’s full name is Kirk Thomas Cameron, while Dove Cameron’s birth name is Chloe Celeste Hosterman. They also have different family backgrounds and are from different parts of the United States.

Kirk Cameron was born in California, while Dove Cameron was born in Washington.

Dove Cameron Related
Dove Cameron and Kirk Cameron share the same last name but have no known familial ties. (Source: Instagram)

Dove Cameron and Kirk Cameron do not share a biological or familial relationship. Although they share the same last name, it is merely a coincidence.

While it’s possible that they may have distant relatives who share the Cameron surname, there is no known familial connection between the two actors.

Dove Cameron Family Ethnicity Explored

Dove mentioned that she is of French descent and speaks a little French. Also, she has Hungarian, Russian, and Slovak ancestry.

Her father, Philip Alan Hosterman, has roots in English, Scottish, and German ancestry. Her mother, Bonnie Wallace, is of French, Slovak, and Hungarian descent. Sadly, her parents had divorced a few years earlier.

Furthermore, in interviews, Dove mentioned that her family is a mix of different backgrounds and cultures, and she feels proud of her diverse heritage.

She has also advocated for the importance of embracing diversity and inclusivity in the entertainment industry and society as a whole.

Dove Cameron Related
Dove Cameron’s father died by suicide in his home in Seattle, Washington. (Source: Instagram)

Unfortunately, her dad, Philip, died in 2011 when she was just 15. Cameron took the name Dove legally after her father’s passing in memory of him and the nickname he gave her.

The actress has spoken publicly about the impact of her father’s death on her life and has been open about her struggles with anxiety and depression in the years following his passing.

She has also used her platform to raise awareness for mental health issues and advocate for suicide prevention.

All About Kirk Cameron Family Ethnicity

Kirk Cameron’s family ethnicity is primarily English and Scottish. His father, Robert Cameron, is of Scottish descent, and his mother, Barbara Cameron, is of English ancestry.

Kirk has also mentioned in interviews that he has Native American ancestry on his mother’s side, but the details of this ancestry are unclear. 

Overall, however, his family background is predominantly of English and Scottish descent.

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