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Who Is Isaiah Bowman, Dr Sebi Grandson? Family And Child of Kellie

We all know Dr. Sebi for his famous healing methods using natural herbs and minerals. Dr Sebi grandson, Isaiah Bowman, has been on the same healing journey as his grandfather. Let’s explore his initiatives on holistic healing.

Dr. Sebi’s healing journey began after his own health battles; he was dealing with asthma.

During his struggle with asthma, his exploration of natural herbs began. But his techniques garnered both love and criticism from the masses.

According to Dr. Sebi, these herbs have the power to restore a body’s balance.

The famous Dr. Sebi lost his life in the year 2016, but his legacy lives on, especially through his family.

Further, daughter Kellie and grandson Isaiah Bowman of Dr. Sebi are continuing the family legacy.

Dr. Sebi Grandson Isaiah Bowman: Legacy Of Holistic Healing & Nutrition

Like his famous grandfather, Isaiah, grandson of Dr. Sebi, is also into holistic healing and natural nutrition.

He is the son of Dr. Sebi’s daughter, Kellie Bowman. Isaiah got to know about natural healing from a very early age.

He often talks about how influential his grandfather has been to him.

Dr Sebi Grandson Isaiah
Dr. Sebi grandson Isaiah has been seen on many podcasts with his mother, Kellie. (Source: Instagram)

As all of his family carries the belief in holistic healing, it inspired Isaiah to begin his healer journey.

Growing up, he was taught about how foods with acidic properties cause inflammation, mucus buildup, and diseases.

His mother, Kellie, always wanted him to be just like his grandfather, Dr. Sebi.

However, it was during his high school years that he first applied his healing knowledge into action.

Moreover, at the age of 17, when he got to know that one of his best friends was dealing with herpes, he assisted in his friend’s healing.

It was the moment he knew he could help others just like his grandfather.

Since then, he has been walking in his family’s and his grandfather Dr. Sebi’s footsteps.

Isaiah and Kellie Bowman
Isaiah and Kellie Bowman are carrying forward the legacy like true champs. (Source: Instagram)

After the passing of Dr Sebi in the year 2016, he decided to be really dedicated to continuing his legacy as his grandson.

The best way for him to do that was to focus on the promotion of holistic healing and methods.

Further, he began educating people about ‘Dietary Resolutions,’ his family’s company.

In an interview, Isaiah gets really emotional talking about how his grandfather spent most of his life helping others.

Son Of Kellie Bowman, Isaiah Bowman Emphasizes The Power of Sea Moss

Among all the holistic products that Isaiah promotes, he really emphasizes the benefits of ‘Sea Moss’ for the human body.

Sea moss contains rich minerals and has 92 of the 102 minerals that a human body needs daily.

Isaiah also believes that it really makes a difference when people consume supplements for hair and nails or take blood purifiers.

Isaiah Bowman
Isaiah Bowman has an unstoppable dedication to holistic healing. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, these things really increase the human body’s ability to heal itself.

Isaiah, with his family company, Dietary Resolutions, offers consultant services for people who want to embark on their healing journey.

Not only that, Isaiah and the Dietary Resolutions team also offer their services on online platforms.

These initiatives by him really show how much holistic healing means to him.

Furthermore, his mother, Kellie, and he are really committed to this path.

Also, Kellie and Isaiah want to make sure that Dr. Sebi’s principles carry forward in life.

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