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How Old Is Dragon In One Piece? Age And Speculated Devil Fruit Power

As one of the most mysterious characters in One Piece, Monkey D. Dragon is a crucial part of the lore, and readers speculate about the age of the pirate.

Monkey D. Dragon is the infamous supreme commander of the Revolutionary Army.

He has made attempts to overthrow the World Government and is labeled the World’s Worst Criminal.

Further, Dragon has shown himself to be an empathetic person, especially towards those oppressed by the World Government’s system.

Initially, Dragon was first introduced in the series in the Loguetown Arc and now occasionally shows up in the story.

Despite few appearances, he is one of the most important background characters in the series.

With that, readers are always curious to learn more about the character, Monkey D. Dragon, including his age.

How Old Is Dragon In One Piece? Age Of Revolutionary Army Leader

Even though Dragon plays a huge part in many instances, the story does not reveal detailed information about his life.

And as per Reddit discussions, many fans suggest and agree that the age of Dragon was 55 after the time skip.

Further, during his debut, the infamous criminal was 53 years old.

Very little is known of Dragon’s early life, except that he is the son of Monkey D. Garp and was born in the Goa Kingdom.

But again, Garp himself has never said that Dragon is his son, as he always addressed him as the father of Luffy.

Dragon One Piece manga
Dragon created an army to fight against the World Government. (Source: Reddit)

Moreover, when Dragon was 31 years old, he witnessed the execution of the pirate king, Gol D. Roger.

At some point, Dragon led the Freedom Fighters, although his age at that time was not confirmed.

Moreover, the manga revealed that Dragon met scientist Vegapunk and asked him to join his army.

But Vegapunk refused because of their lack of resources and money.

Later, Dragon visited Ohara island, and the events there led to the birth of the Revolutionary Army.

young Dragon
Garp raised Dragon in the Goa Kingdom. (Source: Reddit)

As time passed by, his ideals slowly spread throughout the world, and one by one, countries slowly began to support him.

At 36, Dragon and an unknown woman had a son, Monkey D. Luffy, whom Garp raised in the East Blue.

Over the years, readers have also speculated about Luffy’s mother and her whereabouts.

Along with that, they are also intrigued to learn more about Dragon’s abilities and powers.

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Monkey D. Dragon Speculated Devil Fruit Power

While the story hasn’t fully showcased Dragon’s one-on-one skills, it’s clear that he is a powerful man.

Many members of the Revolutionary Army have taken down powerful foes in the past.

Further, this includes the army’s second in command, Sabo, whom Dragon saved at a young age.

So, it is natural for a strong team to be led by an even stronger leader in both tactical and physical powers.

Dragon One Piece
Dragon’s appearance is mostly accompanied by storm or wind. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, many readers theorize that Dragon possesses some devil fruit.

However, the story has not yet revealed details about Dragon’s abilities, including the devil fruit.

But this has not stopped fans from connecting the dots and creating many possibilities.

Looking back at his first appearance, Dragon stopped Smoker from arresting Luffy Logue town.

Revolutionary Army leader
Despite his looks, Dragon is a kind individual. (Source: Reddit)

Further, Smoler did not resist or counter Dragon’s attack, which hints at his fearful presence.

Likewise, a popular fan theory argues that Dragon uses a fruit that gives him control of the wind or storms as suddenly intense gusts mark his appearance.

Moreover, the chances of a Dragon bearing a logia-type devil fruit are high as the fruit gives its bearer the ability to control natural elements.

As a fascinating character, fans are excited to learn more about Dragon as the series has entered its final saga.

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