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Drew Peterson Interview: Wife Murderer Cracks A Sick Joke

In a recent interview, Drew Peterson, a convicted murderer from Bolingbrook, Illinois, cracked a sick joke that made him viral all over the Internet.

Drew Peterson was a trained military police officer who served in the United States Army.

His career as a military police officer in the Bolingbrook police force lasted for 30 years.

Even after retirement, he had few things to worry about because of his $79,000 pension per year.

However, the picture-perfect life of Drew Peterson came to an end because of his own irreversible life decisions.  

He is convicted of the murder of his wife and has been behind bars for 12 years.

While spending his life inside prison, Drew Peterson once again became headlines a long time after one of his statements from his recent interview with News Nation went viral.

Controversial Drew Peterson Interview Shock Viewers: Dark Humor Sparks Outrage

The News Nation interview with Drew Peterson aired in February of 2024. It was taken by the famous news show host Ashleigh Banfield.

During the whole interview, Drew Peterson was very calm and did not appear to be someone who was behind bars for a serious crime.

Drew Peterson being held by police
Drew Peterson makes everyone question if he regrets what he has done. (Source: Twitter)

His whole demeanor throughout the interview was as if he was talking to a long-time friend after a considerable gap.

Throughout the interview, Ashleigh looks stunned by what she hears from the ex-police officer.

There were many times when Drew Peterson gave statements that many people did not expect him to give.

In an interview, he insulted his late wife and also gave a statement that made the interviewer uncomfortable.

However, one of his statements that went viral was of him joking about his late wife.

 “I promise unless you marry me I won’t kill you.”

After hearing this, interviewer Ashleigh Banfield tells him, “It’s never gonna happen.”

The reply from Ashleigh Banfield seems to make Drew Peterson a little uncomfortable, and he proceeds to another topic as he laughs.

This sick joke by Drew Peterson in his recent interview has made many people who know about the case fuel with anger.

Drew Peterson before arrest
Before his arrest, Drew Peterson had a completely different life; he was a reputable man in society. (Source: Twitter)

They say it disrespects the interviewer, his late wife, and his four children, who are still watching him.

To have your father kill your mother horrifically and to see him laugh about it after 12 years might be very soul-wrenching.

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Drew Peterson’s Sick Joke Angers Many: Questions Arise about Family and Police Career

In the interview, Ashleigh Banfield also asks Drew Peterson about his kids. Drew Peterson replies that he does not want his four kids to think that he killed their mother.

Ashleigh Banfield confronts him, asking, “Did you not do that?” Drew Peterson says, “No, I did not, and want them to know the truth.”

Drew Peterson interview
Drew Peterson, who once had a perfect life, will spend the rest in jail. (Source: Twitter)

Despite all his statements in the interview, most people refuse to believe Drew Peterson.

Further, his sick joke has made many people curious if he truly understands what he has done to his family.

One of the users on Twitter writes, “I cannot believe he was in the police force with this mindset.”

People question whether law enforcement should dive deep into his long career as a police officer.

While the whole Internet is talking about the sick joke made by Drew Peterson in his recent interview, his family is keeping their distance in the matter. 

None of his four children has come forward with any statement regarding his sick joke.

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