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Duke Dennis Mugshot and Criminal Record: Is He in Jail?

Duke Dennis mugshot is again trending on the internet as the YouTuber posted it on his Instagram story. Here’s what we know about it.

Duke Dennis is a famous YouTuber and content creator with more than 1.96 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Likewise, he is a verified Instagram with over 2 million followers.

Besides that, Dennis is widely noted for sharing content based on the basketball simulation video game franchise named NBA 2K. He also uploads interesting vlogs on his channel.

Furthermore, Duke started uploading NBA 2K videos in 2017, and one of his earliest videos was “Angry Trash Talker.” Before that, he even served in the United States Army. 

Apart from that, Dennis often gets into the limelight for various reasons, and lately, his mugshot has been trending on the internet.

Duke Dennis Mugshot Revealed

Duke Dennis mugshot is trending on the internet, and it became a hot topic when Dennis himself posted his mugshot on his Instagram story.

Dennis can be followed on Instagram under the username @dukedennis. Recently, he shared his mugshot from the past on his IG story, writing, “I Was Pissed,” with a laughing emoji.

In the photo, Dennis was seen a bit angry and was not directly looking at the camera. Not to mention, the mugshot was from the past, and Duke may have posted it now just for fun.

Duke Dennis Mugshot
Duke Dennis posted his mugshot on his Instagram story. ( Source: Twitter )

Dennis seems to have found it funny looking at his own mugshot, where he looked angry. Instantly, people started talking about it, and it became a hot topic.

A Twitter handle also shared the screenshot and wrote, “Duke Dennis reveals his New Mugshot.”

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Duke Dennis Criminal Record and Charges Details

Duke Dennis has some criminal records, and his arrest news once dragged him into controversy. The news came into the media when his mugshot went viral in 2021.

After receiving tons of messages, Dennis thought of clearing the rumors and admitted that he broke the law, but that was when he was still in high school.

Duke Dennis Criminal Record
Duke Dennis has criminal records as he was allegedly arrested in the past. ( Source: Instagram )

Dennis also stated that he never did anything that would have made him serve a jail sentence. According to Buzz South Africa, Dennis was slapped with three charges.

Dennis was charged with domestic violence and sexual assault against an under-aged child. The third charge Dennis faced remains unclear as none of the media sources have given the news.

Reportedly, Dennis has been detained twice, and the mugshot Dennis recently posted on Instagram was taken from the Greenville Police Department.

Is Duke Dennis In Jail?

No, Duke Dennis is not in jail, as he is already free and is busy with his professional life and career. However, fans ahve been asking questions about it as the arrest news of Dennis again rose in the media.

It began when Duke posted his mugshot on IG. As stated earlier, it was a photo from the past, and he was arrested twice and faced some punishment for it too.

Duke Dennis Jail
Duke Dennis is not in jail, but he had some issues in the past. ( Source: Instagram )

As of now, the verified media outlets have not given much info about Dennis’ detention, but some sources have already given the details saying that he faced three charges in his life.

In the same way, Duke has also posted a video on YouTube titled, “I Went To Jail! Duke Dennis Story Time.” So, more details can be found in his video. 

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