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Dustin Duren Kidnapping: Vaelyn Duren & Elowyn Duren Found?

As the news of Dustin Duren kidnapping two kids named Vaelyn Duren and Elowyn Duren of his own family reached a broad audience, many people have gone online for further details.

In the recent turn of events, a man named Dustin Duren has started making headlines all over the United States.

The man hailing from somewhere around New Hampshire, has been accused of kidnapping two kids.

As the parents of the kidnapped kids went on to the authorities, they have released a lookout notice for Dustin.

Additionally, the authorities have also released an Amber alert for both the kids around New Hampshire.

Since then he has turned out as a topic of interest as an armed and dangerous suspect around the state.

Moreover, as the news continues to reach a broad audience, many people have started seeking further information on the Dustin Duren Kidnapping case.

Dustin Duren Kidnapping: Who Are The Kidnapped Kids

With the ongoing kidnapping news about two kids of different age groups by a man named Dustin Duren, the case has gained worldwide attention.

As a result, people globally have shown interest in the motive and further updates on the kidnapping undertaken by Dustin Duren.

The news of the kidnapping initially surfaced online on Friday morning after the kids’ parents reached out to the authorities concerned about their child.

Among the kidnapped kids one is 13 months old Vaelyn Duren and another is 4 years old Elowyn Duren.

Image of the kidnapped kid Elowyn Duren.
Elowyn Duren is the oldest child of her parents. (Source: Twitter)

Following the missing report, the authorities immediately released a lookout notice for the missing kids.

As the police began further investigation, the kids’ parent accused a 36-year-old man Dustin Duren of the kidnapping.

Meanwhile, some investigation reports also suggested the kid’s last appearance with the same man.

Although the kids’ parents have made accusations based on speculations, the New Hampshire police strongly believe the theory.

However, the actual relationship between Dustin and the kids has not been disclosed to the public.

Still based on the similar surname carried by the kids and kidnapper, many believe they are closely related.

Image of kidnapped kid Vaelyn Duren.
Vaelyn Duren is a 13-month-old infant child. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, the authorities have also suggested the citizens look out for a 2017 white Subaru Impreza drove by Dustin.

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Are Kids Vaelyn Duren & Elowyn Duren Found?

Despite the ongoing discussions about the missing kids, Vaelyn Duren and Elowyn Duren, not much about them has made its way to the public.

Additionally, the parents have also stayed away from the spotlight and are supporting the search operation.

However, as per the sources, the kids are not found yet and the authorities have been actively engaged in the search operations.

They are using every resource available in the reach to find out the kids as soon as possible.

Dustin Duren captured in a close of shot.
Dustin’s image has made its way to the state’s every police department. (Source: Twitter)

In addition to the investigation, the police have also released a lookout notice for the kidnapper and both the kids.

Likewise, many online sources have also helped in spreading the news to a broad audience by sharing the notice on their platform.

Both the authorities and the citizens combined are putting in lots of effort to find out the kids.

According to the lookout notice released by the authorities, both the kids have blond hair and blue eyes.

Meanwhile, the kidnapper, Dustin is 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighs 190 pounds, and has brown hair with brown eyes.

Furthermore, the authorities have also published a helpline number for citizens to inform them upon the appearance of the kids.

Moreover, we also request everyone reading this article to look out for the kids in their locality.

Nevertheless, let’s hope both the kids are safe and will reach their parents within a few days. 

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