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Why Is Dylan Dreyer Missing? What Happened To Her And Where Is She Now?

Dylan Dreyer missing: the fan-favorite television personality has repeatedly been missing from her usual chair. What happened to her?

Dreyer is a well-known American television personality. She is the anchor on Today’s The Third Hour and a meteorologist for NBC News.

On weekdays, Dreyer appears on Today as a weather correspondent and a substitute for Al Roker and Carson Daly.

Dylan can additionally be seen on The Weather Channel and NBC Nightly News. She joined NBC News in September 2012 after spending seven years at the now-defunct NBC affiliate WHDH in Boston, Massachusetts.

Today star was missing from her usual chair on her morning show. In addition, throughout April 2023, she missed several significant broadcasts.

Her fans were concerned and had been asking what happened to Dylan Dreyer. Here is everything to know in regard.

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Why Is Dylan Dreyer Missing?

Dylan Dreyer has been missing from her usual spot several times recently.

She was absent from her usual spot on 27 April. It was “Take Your Kids To Work Day” on Today’s Show. Her fans were waiting to see her with at least one of her children.

Some of Craig Melvin’s and Sheinelle Jones’s kids appeared for a few segments.

Dylan Dreyer missing
Her fans were concerned when Dylan Dreyer missed “Take Your Kids To Work Day” on 27 April. (Source: Hello Magazine)

Before Al Roker and his co-hosts barged into the set to get the show going, the children sat at the anchor desk and introduced the Third Hour show. But the mother of three was absent from such a fun day on set.

“The Third Hour: Where are Dylan and her children/child?” tweeted one concerned viewer. Another individual questioned, “Where was Dylan and at least one of her boys?”

Others jumped into the Instagram comments of the hosts to inquire about Dylan’s absence. The TV celebrity ultimately gave up her whereabouts by posting a message on her social media profile.

Dylan Dreyer Was In Ohio

The television personality shared that she was in Ohio for an event to promote her children’s book.

Some people also wondered if Dylan was leaving Today. Despite her absences, she is not leaving the news network. 

What an honor!! She noted next to a picture of the library where the event took place on social media. “Thanks to the @starklibrary, I’m thrilled to be speaking at the Canton Palace Theatre tonight.

I’m excited to discuss my favorite topics, including Misty the Cloud, women in STEM, the Today Show, and my family.

What Happened To Dylan Dreyer And Where Is She Now?

Nothing happened to Dylan Dreyer. She is fine and doing well. The gorgeous host reported outside the morning show set on last Friday’s episode.

Dylan Dreyer Missing
Dylan Dreyer reported Frieday’s morning show from Churchill Downs, Kentucky. (Image Source: The Sun)

While other hosts anchored from the Today set in New York City in the third hour, Dylan Dreyer reported from Kentucky.

The 42-year-old broadcasted from Churchill Downs, Kentucky, before the 2023 Kentucky Derby.

Dylan co-hosted Steve Kornacki’s section, Kornacki’s Run for the Roses, where he predicted which horses would win the race, along with the 43-year-old fellow Journalist.

He gave detailed information in response to her question, even going so far as to describe the background of some of the animal rivals.

In her Sunday best, Dylan interviewed Steve and seemed persuasive. She appeared in the episode wearing a multi-colored floral patterned blousy dress and a bold red church-style hat.

Despite reporting a story for Today off-site, the news reporter unquestionably influenced the program. Dylan appears to be the target of the network’s most recent special assignments.

She did not appear on the show last Wednesday since she hosted it live from Naval Air Station.

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