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Dylan Lyons Shot To Death: 24-Year-Old Reporter Killed In Orlando shooting

Dylan Lyons was a television Journalist for Spectrum News 13 who was shot to Death, and people are asking why was Dylan Lyons Shot To Death.

Sheriff’s deputies reported that a Florida television reporter and a 9-year-old girl were shot and killed on Wednesday, close to another fatal shooting earlier in the day.

Following reports of a lady in her 20s being shot, deputies first went to the Pine Hills neighborhood northwest of Orlando, Florida, on Wednesday morning.

Witnesses claim that a man shot the 9-year-old and her mother after approaching a Spectrum News 13 news car and opening Fire on Wednesday.

A TV crew member and a 9-year-old girl were killed in the second attack, while a Journalist for Spectrum News 13 and her mother was injured. At a nearby hospital, they were in serious condition.

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Dylan Lyons Shot To Death: 24-Year-Old Reporter Killed In Orlando shooting

Dylan Lyons, 24, was the staff member who passed away, according to Spectrum News 13. According to the station, photojournalist Jesse Walden suffered critical injuries in the event.

The TV station’s parent Company, Charter Communications, described the event as a “tragedy” for the neighborhood. Spectrum 13 reporter Celeste Springer pleaded for the public’s support during an on-air broadcast.

While reporters waited, family members and the Journalist’s fiancĂ© congregated outside Orlando Regional Medical Center. As they provided details on Lyons’ Death, some reporters sobbed in front of the camera.

The Committee to Protect Journalists reports 40 documented Journalist deaths worldwide in 2017 and two more up until Wednesday. There was only one of those in America.

Dylan Lyons Shot
Dylan Lyons was shot and killed while performing duties at the murder scene. (Source: Spectrum News 13)

Jeff German, a reporter for the Las Vegas Review-Journal who covered politics and corruption, was discovered dead outside his House in September after suffering multiple stab wounds.

Robert Telles, a former public administrator for Clark County who had frequently been the focus of German’s work, has entered a not-guilty plea to a murder charge.

Washington received word of the killing on Wednesday, and press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tweeted her condolences.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the National Press Club expressed its “horror” at hearing about the shootings in Florida and encouraged all reporters to exercise greater caution.

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Dylan Lyons Shot To Death: Who Shot Him?

The sheriff later announced that Keith Melvin Moses, 19, who was officially accused of murder in connection with the first incident, had been detained by Police. Moses is anticipated to face charges for the extra shootings of the four individuals.

According to Sheriff Mina, Moses already has a “lengthy criminal past,” which includes charges of burglary, grand theft, aggravated battery, and attack with a deadly weapon.

Dylan Lyons Shot 2
Dylan Lyons was shot and killed by Keith Moses along with two other people. (Source: Twitter)

Although Moses knew the lady killed earlier in the day, Sheriff Mina said they didn’t see the reason for the shootings.

Sheriff Mina stated that although there hasn’t previously been any violence in the region against the media, an investigation is being conducted.

But there has undoubtedly been violence against journalists in the country and abroad, Mina said. To put the puzzle parts together and determine why this occurred is something that will certainly be examined.

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