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Was Eddie Long Gay? Pastor Scandal Amidst Sex Abuse Claim

Almost seven years after his death, an American pastor, Eddie Long, has become the center of attention due to the rumors about him being gay. But are the rumors true?

Eddie Long was the senior pastor of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, a megachurch in Georgia.

Born on January 12, 1953, Eddie served at the megachurch from 1987 until he died in 2017.

He was mostly recognized for preaching the “prosperity gospel,” which said the faith would be rewarded with wealth.

Further, he rose to fame after broadcasting his messages in different countries. 

Unfortunately, he passed away on January 15, 2017, at the age of 63, following a battle with cancer.

However, following the acquisition of sexual harassment, people have started questioning whether Eddie Long was gay.

Was Eddie Long Gay? Let’s Find Out The Truth

The sexuality of famous personalities has always attracted the attention of people globally. 

And this time, it’s the late Pastor, Eddie Long, who has been the target of gay rumors after almost seven years of his death.

Eddie was a private individual and always kept his personal life away from people until he was accused of sexual abuse.

However, while there was no evidence supporting the sex abuse claim, the incident did raise questions about the sexual orientation of Eddie.

Eddie Long captured during a live show holding a mic wearing a black jacket.
Neither Eddi nor his family have disclosed anything about him being gay. (Source: Facebook)

Following the incident, some thought Eddie Long was gay, whereas others remained uncertain about his gender.

However, there is no credible source of information to support the rumors of him being gay.

Moreover, Eddie was also a married man and a father to four kids from his two wives. 

Meanwhile, his family has also not shared anything related to his gender identity and sexual orientation.

Nevertheless, looking at the available information, we cannot conclude whether Eddie Long was gay unless further confirmation.

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Eddie Was Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

In 2010, the American bishop, Eddie Long, faced the allegations of sexual misconduct.

Four young men accused him of using his position of authority to engage them in sexual relationships.

They also claimed that Eddie exploited his role as their spiritual mentor, offering gifts, trips, and emotional support.

Eddie Long clicked during a show pointing his finger.
Eddie denied the acquisitions made on him by four young men. (Source: Facebook)

Meanwhile, Eddie denied the allegations, describing them as moles to destroy his reputation and financial standings.

The legal battle took place publicly, eventually settling in 2010.

Moreover, the controversy surrounding Eddie badly hampered his reputation at the megachurch.

Nevertheless, Eddie Long passed away in 2017, but the impact of the acquisition continues to shape discussions about his personality.

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Details On Eddie Long’s Personal Life And Family

Although a prominent figure in America, Eddie Long didn’t have quite a perfect life. 

He was married to his first wife, Barbara S. Houston, from 1981 till their divorce in 1985. Together, they shared a son, Edward Long.

Following the divorce, the court awarded Eddie the custody of his then 2-year-old son.

Eddie Long during a program checking his notes at the podium.
Bishop Eddie Long broadcasted his message in 172 countries. (Source: Facebook)

After divorcing Dabara, Eddie married his second wife, Vanessa Griffin, in 1980. 

They shared three children, Taylor, Eric, and Jared Long.

However, in December 2011, Vanessa filed for divorce after the acquisition of sexual molestation made on Eddie.

Yet, on the same day, New Birth’s relations shared that she had withdrawn her petition after rethinking her decision.

Although Eddie faced some marital and sexual problems, Eddie and Venessa continued to live together until he died in 2017.

Moreover, the current details about his family members are not widely available to share.

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