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Elijah Schaffer Wikipedia, Age, Bio: How Old Is The US Comedian?

After the news of Glenn Beck firing star podcaster Elijah Schaffer following a sexual assault accusation, Elijah Schaffer has garnered public attention, with fans searching for his Wikipedia to learn about the case.

Elijah Schaffer is an American journalist, host, producer, reporter, and podcaster.

He is most famous for his role on the podcast Slightly Offensive, where he discusses controversial global issues humorously and thoughtfully.

Further, Schaffer graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a molecular biology and chemistry degree.

He is currently in a marital relationship with Kezia Schaffer, and at the present moment, they have not yet started a family together.

Schaffer continues to be involved in his profession, hosting and creating content, despite facing this obstacle.

Nevertheless, Elijah Schaffer has sparked wide recognition and piqued enthusiasm among many netizens.

Following this, masses interest has led them to the Wikipedia page of Elijah Schaffer to explore his biography.

Elijah Schaffer Wikipedia: Age, Bio, And Early Life

Despite the widespread attention and public interest, Wikipedia has not dedicated a page to Elijah Schaffer.

However, in this article, we have gathered all the personal information about Elijah Schaffer, which Wikipedia may include in the future.

Elijah Schaffer, an American journalist, was born on April 15, 1993, and works as a podcast presenter, producer, reporter, and host.

He became well-known for hosting Slightly Offensive, a highly popular podcast in the United States.

Elijah Schaffer in blue
Schaffer loves to play Tennis. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Schaffer, born in Los Angeles, California, is currently 30 and known for his work as a journalist style.

He attended a private school for his education and later pursued a degree in Molecular Biology and Chemistry from Azusa Pacific University.

Schaffer’s mischievous and humorous nature during childhood is evident in the photos he frequently shares with his audience.

He became interested in media during high school after being inspired by different TV and radio shows.

As for his family, Maureen and Moreso Schaffer are Schaffer’s parents. He also has a younger sister, Kelly Grace Schaffer, and a 32-year-old brother named Josiah Schaffer.

Sadly, in June 2020, his mother, Maureen, died after fighting cancer.

Elijah Schaffer in blue
Schaffer loves to play Tennis. (Source: Instagram)

Schaffer has faced personal obstacles but has stayed committed to his career, consistently creating captivating content for his podcast listeners.

Elijah Schaffer’s rise from his upbringing in California to becoming a well-known journalist and podcast host highlights his determination and love for sharing stories.

Nonetheless, as he continues to make strides in his career, Schaffer remains an influential figure in American media.

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More Details About The Career And Net Worth Of Schaffer 

Elijah Schaffer became well-known for hosting podcasts and collaborating with the Blaze Network.

Schaffer interviewed many celebrities on his renowned show Slightly Offensive, covering interesting subjects in every episode.

However, in August 2022, he was accused of sexually assaulting a coworker, Sara Gonzales, which resulted in his dismissal from The Blaze.

Gonzales claimed that Schaffer touched her breast without permission while they were sitting next to each other at a movie premiere.

After a thorough investigation, The Blaze confirmed Schaffer’s termination in September of the same year.

Elijah Schaffer with his kid
Elijah Schaffer has also worked as a passionate photographer. (Source: Instagram)

Despite the setback, Schaffer maintains his role as host of Slightly Offensive on his social media profiles.

Likewise, in December 2022, he resumed his role as a host for The Blaze, signaling a return to broadcasting.

Additionally, he continues to work as a screenwriter and producer for the television series You Are Here.

Despite the controversy, Schaffer’s ventures have amassed a net worth of USD 2 million by December 2023.

Nonetheless, his persistence and determination in pursuing his career goals are evident in his ability to overcome challenges and remain relevant in the media industry.

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