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Elijah Vue Parents: Mother Katrina Baur & Father Jimmy Baur

The Internet is buzzing with discussions regarding the parents of Elijah Vue after the three-year-old went missing on February 20, Tuesday.

When three-year-old Elijah Vue went missing on February 20, 2024, people were left shocked.

Elijah, a mix of Hmong and white, has dark blond hair and brown eyes and stands about 3 feet tall.

He disappeared from his residence, which was located on the 3900 block of Mishicot Road in Two Rivers.

Moreover, when he went missing, he wore gray pants, a dark, long-sleeved shirt, and red and green dinosaur shoes.

Following this tragic incident, Wisconsin police have issued an Amber Alert for Elijah Vue.

Therefore, people have also shown curiosity about learning about the family members and parents of Elijah Vue.

Elijah Vue Parents: Mother Katrina Baur & Father Jimmy Baur

After the disappearance of Elijah Vue, his parents, Katrina Baur and Jimmy Baur, found themselves in the public eye.

However, the internet has limited information about three-year-old toddler Elijah Vue parents.

Meanwhile, sources state that Jimmy Baur, Elijah’s father, is presently in prison for undisclosed reasons.

Elijah Vue in a muffler
Elijah disappeared from his home itself. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, his mother, Katrina Baur, lives with her boyfriend in Wisconsin Dells. This indicates that Elijah Vue parents have already separated.

Additionally, Elijah was last seen by his caregiver at approximately 8 a.m. on Tuesday, with his parents unavailable.

But, now, after he went missing, their home became the epicenter of a major police operation due to intrusive investigations and media scrutiny.

Further, according to sources, his mother has been in police custody in the Manitowoc County Jail.

In addition, authorities have arrested Elijah’s caregiver.

Elijah smiling
The adult caretaker reported Elijah’s missing. (Source: Twitter)

The case sheds light on broader child safety concerns, emphasizing the need for vigilance and community involvement in ensuring children’s well-being.

Despite this, other family members are earnestly searching for him.

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What Has Elijah’s Relatives Have To Say About His Disappearance: Social Media Rumors

In collaboration with other volunteers, approximately 11 members of Elijah’s family have joined the search efforts to find him.

Nevertheless, despite being family members, they remain clueless about his whereabouts.

Elijah Vue in a car
There is not much update about the situation, according to the authorities. (Source: Twitter)

Additionally, his aunt reveals that the family has had no contact with him and his mother for several years.

Further, Linda, his aunt, adds,

When I saw that post, I immediately acted right away. We came here yesterday looking for him. We just hope he is safe with someone and returns home as soon as possible.

The family members offer prayers for a positive outcome and actively search for the area.

Positive online support has boosted awareness of Elijah’s disappearance, aiding the search and garnering prayers for his well-being.

Community members searching for Elijah
Authorities have taken Elijah’s mother into police custody. (Source: Twitter)

Alongside, widespread false rumors about Elijah’s death have also surfaced.

In response, Elijah’s uncle, Orsen Vue, addressed the situation,

My family and I would like to extend a very heartfelt and genuine thank you to all of you for your concerns and help in trying to find our baby nephew Elijah. We were blown away at how the whole Two Rivers community came together to help find our baby! We have not heard anything from authorities about a body being found yet.

Therefore, Elijah’s family maintains hope, continues the search, and prays for a positive outcome.

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