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Elle Edwards Friends Meg And Jess Were There When She Was Shot To Death In A Pub, Case Update

Elle Edwards Friends are a topic of concern as people are trying to learn more details about her life. 

Among all the news coming out after the death of Elle, people are trying to find out how Elle Edwards Friends are. They were present during her death, and people wanted to learn firsthand about the incident, which made her lose her life. 

Meg and Jess, two of her companions who declined to disclose their last names, told Sky News that they initially mistook the gunshots for fireworks.

Friends of the woman who died in a Christmas Eve shooting at a bar claimed that everything changed “in a split second” when they were dancing and having fun.

At around 11.50 pm, Elle Edwards, 26, was shot in the head at the Lighthouse Inn in Wallasey Village, Merseyside.

Meg and Jess, two of her friends who declined to provide their last names, told Sky News that they mistook the gunshots they had heard for fireworks before they noticed their companion lying on the ground.

The family of Ms. Edwards is “devastated” and “inconsolable” following her passing, according to the Police’s request for information.

Meg called the second her friend passed away “a blur.”

We were all having a blast, and she was just so joyful. 

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Elle Edwards Friends Meg And Jess Were There When She Was Shot

People are curious about Elle Edwards friends as they attempt to piece together more information about her life.

People want to know how Elle Edwards friends are doing amid all the news released after Elle’s passing. People were interested in hearing firsthand accounts of the occurrence that caused her to lose her life because they were present when she passed away.

When Elle Edwards was shot in the head just before midnight at the Lighthouse Inn in Merseyside, Meg and Jess were there along with her sister. When Jess learned that her buddy had been killed, she felt “numb” and “helpless.”

Elle Edwards
Elle Edwards was shot when her friends were there. (Source: Sky News)

Two of Elle’s friends, Meg and Jess, returned to the crime scene to lay flowers and spoke about how they thought the gunshots were “fireworks.” Everything allegedly altered in a “split second.” 

“We went to have a drink, went to the bar, and then we just heard bangs,” the couple claimed in a statement to Sky News. “We believed it was fireworks because it would be Christmas in about 10 minutes.”

According to Jess, Elle was discovered on the floor; she claimed she “had a hunch” that something was wrong at that point.

Elle Edwards Case Update

Before she was fatally murdered on Christmas Eve in a bar, Elle Edwards reportedly sang and danced, according to her pals. Elle’s parents left a memorial at the location of her death, referring to her as the “light of our life.”

Around 11.50 pm, the 26-year-old was at the Lighthouse Inn bar in Wallasey Village, close to Liverpool, when a stray bullet hit her. According to the Liverpool Echo, Elle was not considered the intended victim.

When Elle was shot in the head in the Lighthouse tavern, she was out having fun with her friends and sister. The assault also resulted in the injuries of four men.

Elle allegedly stayed out with them even though her sister reportedly left the bar earlier. “It plays with your head, knowing whether she ought to have gone home,” 

Meg added. “We had been singing and dancing, and suddenly she’s on the floor,” she continued. The Party was “singing and dancing inside the Lighthouse,” according to the pals’ account.

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