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Emily Kaplan Tattoo: Does The ESPN Reporter Have One?

A notable figure at ESPN, Emily Kaplan, has a magnificent presence on camera. And now, people are trying to explore the tattoo on Emily Kaplan and its meaning. 

Born on May 7, 1991, in New Jersey, Emily Kaplan is an American award-winning journalist.

She has contributed a lot to sports journalism with her insightful coverage of the NHL.

Further, Kaplan’s passion and enthusiasm for journalism started at a young age as her father used to work as a Sunday sports editor for the New York Daily News.

Her father was a huge fan of hockey, and Kaplan developed her interest in the same game.

Moreover, Kaplan’s career kick-started as she worked as a Penn State football reporter in her college days.

Currently, fans admire Emily Kaplan and want to know more about the journalist, including her tattoo.

Emily Kaplan Tattoo: Does The ESPN Reporter Have One?

Many fans have wondered about the tattoo of Emily Kaplan after seeing them in interviews and photos.

But we don’t know the exact number of tattoos as she might have more in places that she has not shown to the public.

However, here’s what we know about the tattoo of Emily Kaplan.

Emily has a few tattoos on her arms, with each carrying different meanings.

Further, on one of her hands, Emily has around 3 tattoos, each with a unique design and significance.

Emily Kaplan with friend
Emily has many tattoos on her hands. (Source: Instagram)

First, she has a wave tattoo on her hand, which signifies the beauty of nature or the idea of going with the flow.

It embodies the journalist’s personality to adapt to any situation on camera as well.

Then, Emily has an abstract tattoo below the waves, which looks like a woman engulfed in sand.

Moreover, she has a smaller tattoo on her wrist, which can be spotted in her photos.

On the other hand, Emily Kaplan has a noticeable tattoo of a blooming flower.

Emily smiling for a photo
Emily grew up with a great interest in hockey. (Source: Instagram)

This tattoo embodies beauty and the success and struggles of life, which perfectly captures Emily’s career.

Further, tattoos seem like a way for the sports reporter to express herself and her personality.

However, at most times, Emily covers her tattoos by wearing long-sleeved dresses or suits.

Further, in some cases, news channels do not allow their reporters to have tattoos on their hands.

So, that might be the reason that Emily often hides the ink works on her body.

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Sports Journalist Emily: Career And Personal Life

Along with being a reporter for The Walt Disney Company’s NHL coverage, Emily is also a co-host.

She appears on a podcast, In The Crease, and also works as a national hockey writer.

Further, Emily joined ESPN in 2017 and provided coverage of the Stanley Cup Final as the only in-arena reporter.

Later, in 2022, she reported on the NHL’s struggles with mental health and its effect on players.

Emily Kaplan interviews players
Emily provides the viewers with valuable insights and reviews of games. (Source: Instagram)

Before joining ESPN, Emily worked at Sports Illustrated, The Boston Globe, and Associated Press.

However, the transition from print medium to televised medium was challenging for Emily.

Beyond her work on T.V., Emily also has a significant following on social media.

With nearly 87k followers on Twitter and another 17k on Instagram, she is a popular figure.

Further, many have noticed that Emily is currently dating Kevin Mahora, as she recently shared pictures with him.

Emily with her boyfriend
Emily keeps her personal life under the covers. (Source: Instagram)

Despite her public life, she has kept other details about her relationship and family a secret.

However, it is no secret that Emily has constant support from her parents in her career.

Her parents have always been incredibly helpful and considerate of her needs.

Moreover, admires love how Emily values her family and can’t wait to witness all her future works.

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