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Emily Watson Son Dylan And Daughter Juliet With Husband Jack Waters

Emily Watson and Jack Waters are the IT couple of Hollywood, and they have a beautiful family together. Emily Watson has two kids with Jack: a son, Dylan, and a daughter, Juliet. Let’s explore the details.

A famous British actress, Emily Watson, was born in the year 1967 on January 14th.

Her role in the film Breaking the Waves as Bess McNeil was nominated for the Academy Award.

She started her journey as an actress in the year 1992 as a stage actress from the Royal Shakespeare Company.

She is married to actor Jack Waters, and they met each other in the Royal Shakespeare Company in the year 1994.

Jack and Emily Watson have been together for over 24 years, and their fans are now looking for information on their son and daughter.

Meet Son Of Emily Watson Dylan And Daughter Juliet With Jack

Though Emily and Jack tied the knot in 1995, they waited a long time before deciding to give birth to their first child.

Their daughter Juliet was born in the year 2005, after ten years of their wedding.

Emily Watson
Emily Watson is a great actress and is very successful in the industry. (Source: Twitter)

There is a very interesting reason behind the couple naming their daughter Juliet.

Both Jack and Emily are huge fans of William Shakespeare, and they love his work.

“Romeo and Juliet” is one of the most iconic and well-written pieces of literature in history by the writer.

They knew that if they were to be giving birth to a female, she was going to have the name Juliet.

Before giving birth to Juliet, the media would often ask the couple about their plan to have children.

Emily has also given several interviews about how the questions felt like an invasion of privacy.

Emily and jack
Emily and Jack are the true definition of a perfect fairy tale love story. (Source: Daily Mail)

The questions were often very intrusive and not very pleasant to answer.

The media would ask her why she is not giving birth to a child even after 10 years of her marriage with Jack.

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Motherhood Journey Of Emily Watson, Overcoming Doubts & Welcoming Son Dylan At 41

There were times that Emily had second thoughts about having a child and being a mother.

But after having Juliet, she says that she does not regret giving birth to her.

While it might have been easier for her to give birth to her first child while she was young, she is still satisfied with her decision to wait.

After two years of giving birth to her first child, Juliet, Emily was once again in the news.

This time for her pregnancy with her second child with husband Jack Waters.

Emily Watson gave an interview with People’s magazine before the birth of her son Dylan.

Emily Watson son
Emily likes to keep her children’s lives private and far from the media. (Source: Twitter)

She said that she was extremely happy with the pregnancy, and she was visibly glowing.

Emily Watson was 41 years old when she gave birth to her son Dylan.

Dylan and Juliet are very close in age, which makes the sibling bond stronger and more like friends.

During the pregnancy of her son Dylan, Emily was also nominated for the Academy Award.

By the time her first child Juliet was two years old, in an interview, she asked about what makes her the happiest.

She says that her daughters Juliet and Dylan are the most important people in her life, and they make her extremely happy.

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